No one attended help desk


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Hi, I am just wondering if any one has had this problem before. Try to contact the admin regarding winning auction item payment that we change. But seem no one ever there. I just recently shot the message to that Instagram


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Yeah mate, it's bloody frustrating.. hopefully you can get others to respond (no matter what they say) get some noise in this thread, then hopefully admin or shanti will read and sort you out... don't stress too much, they will sort it out for you. Shits just at a different pace around here...


Your not the first to have this issue and I guarantee you won't be the last. Yes you get a good price on the seeds @auction but you pay for it with bad customer service. If you want good customer service and your order dispatched next day, you are better off going to an official reseller.

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It is the same with PM's to Shanti.
I know people are busy but a response or some form of acknowledgement goes a long way. Maybe some kind of restructure is needed behind the scenes to ensure that people using the auctions and this site can still get the information they need.
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Hi All

We have changed quite a few things behind the scenes in recent times but we are working with smaller staff nowadays and it has been a serious few months of seed work and finalizing certain breeding projects to go into production.
I am not trying to make any excuse for slowness to respond but we have had a lot on last 3 months .
Anyway if you wish to get to in contact quickly try either or the best sb


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I've had several orders over time with MNS, and I always get taken care of. Sometimes there are delays, but they also accommodate delays on my end. I've been allowed to change payment methods, delay payment because of unexpected expenses, resend a lost payment (that eventually returned to me lol).... and always with a great attitude.

I think it's been the most kind, accommodating service I've ever encountered in over a decade of seed collecting. Be patient, and J or Shanti will take care of you
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Where are my beans ?

I am not trying to make any excuse for slowness to respond but we have had a lot on last 3 months .
You received my payment over a month ago (by May 23rd) and yet my auction order is DOA. It has not moved out of "processing" and I have not received anything.

How long does it take to put beans in a packet and send them ?
Is that anyway to run a seed business ?

Still waiting for my order to be shipped out after 6 months of waiting. This is getting stupid and the excuses MNS continue to make is piss-poor at best.

I'd suggest to anyone that go somewhere else if you want your seeds quickly. J The auction manager has failed Shanti as a manager 100%