nl5Xhaze: the beast!


Beautiful plant la resistance verte, those dry buds look delicious, wish we had smelly-vision. Shes more hazy than the plant im growing for sure. Great job man! :)


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Is that a cola in your pocket or are you just happy...?

Very impressive maestro! Thanks for the followup!



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Thank you for this thread and the awesome pictures. You have a special plant from a very special line! I just finished around 30 of these from seed and can attest to it's potency and unique combination of traits. I did not find any that flowered as long as yours, but the possibility is there considering the lineage.

Just a spectacular representation, thanks for sharing!
hi socioecologist2,
thank for the kind words,
nl5/haze is a true beauty with a real haze high and yield spectacular,no doubt a champion.
at the moment i m looking for a nl5/haze X skunk