NL#5 x Haze


Just thought i keep a log of my current 5hz grow. Well, a picture log at least! These 2 plants are clones of a female i kept from a seed run nearly a year ago, this is round 3 with her. She gives a great yield and a very good smoke, not blow your mind powerful, but strong none the less! I hope to add new pics every week to ten days.



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looks like i get the first seat in the house!! I've got two nl5/hz right now, just ran them thru a late winter outdoor run to check a few stress points off my list. one of the plants calyxes turned purple. anyway, looking forward to seeing your plants in full bloom!! wooohooo!!!


25 Daze 12/12

Hey folks thanks for taking a look and the kind words! Ibezphil2005 well they pass your tests? Any pics, id love to see those purple calyxes!

Thanks la resistance verte, it is indeed a magical strain!

Hey Fxginbcn my apologies for the last time we spoke, i was having a bad day! Being thought by catholic priests in school in the 70's you had to "bless yourself" for anything you did that they said was wrong, which was basically everything! I think it had an adverse effect on me.:)

Anyway, the plants, they are doing good, i gave them a half strength feed today as i see a bit of yellowing. A few pictures.


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G`day Alecky

3rd time around eh ?
I`m a fan of 5 Hz . Very grower friendly plant . Grew some clones out door in winter . They turned purple, but just kept on tickin .

Gonna get all Big Herb on yah now . How was the taste and effect ?

Best wishes for the grow .

Thanks for sharin

EB .


Failte Elmer

Yeah man 3rd run with her, for a few reasons, mainly because she was the only girl in the straw. I was popping seeds 3-4 at a time and getting male after male over nearly a 2 year period, so after all that i decided i better get my money out of this girl. She also clones really easy, just basically stick a cutting in some soil and off she goes!

Took the seed plant at 11 weeks, like all sativas she could have went more. Next run i did 5 clones in 4ltr pots, took those at 10 weeks and tbh i didnt see much difference in high or taste. Shes a good yielder, nice solid buds.

Smell when ya smoke her is beautiful, old leathery haze smell, taste is all pine, good strong high, not earth shattering or anything! Shes a good, solid all rounder for sativa buds. Smell when you open the jar is like pine disinfectant, not unpleasant but not like pine trees!

Hope that makes sense!! Im smoking it now!:)


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Smell when you open the jar is like pine disinfectant, not unpleasant but not like pine trees!
Just curious, but have you tried any of the OG Kush cuts as a comparison? I have a hunch that the two are related. Genomic testing will confirm or refute this soon enough, but there seems to be some interesting parallels. Thank you very much for sharing your pictures and experience!


Day 33

Thanks Stavros! A few pics, day 33 flower, they are yellowing a bit, i gave them a watering with a liquid seaweed mix, that might halt the yellowing, they are due a feed next watering anyway.

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On to a winner

What a great selection you will have :) , my all time fave strain :cool:

Have you ever grown Sensi ' s seedline , ? If so how do you rate it ?

Wish you the best success mate


Hi redeye24/7 thanks for the kind words. No i haven't tried sensis offering, any ive seen grown out lately have been very indica leaning. I like sensi seeds but no way im paying that money for 10 seeds. Having said that, i always wanted to try their G13HP, so i took advantage of the 30% off promo a while back, i have 5 started, only little seedlings, but so far so good.


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Cheers , hope you find a gem in the G13HP , I got 5 MLI about 1 week from flower :) I hear you on the price , but if you find THE ONE it's all good ;)

Take care & stay safe