Nl#5 haze in the dam


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Guys , if there is anyone in the dam right now , i suggest you pop over to centrum , their is a coffeeshop right next door to greenhouse called cityhall , please pop in and try his nl#5 haze , being going there since 2003 to this coffeeshop , and everytime this guy has the same growers and cut for the last 10 years ....


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That's where I'd go cause I got nothing good there 14 yrs ago. But I didn't try too many shops. '94 was the year when it seemed like everything I smoked was a killer.
The coffeeshops at the borders didnt allow foreigners for a while.
Now the law has changed (again) and the border towns town council can decide for themselfs if they want to allow foreigners in their local coffeeshops or not, this due to the exception both the dam and Rotterdam had to sell herb to foreigners, being a big touristic attraction for hollands capital.... Border town coffeeshops didnt find that honest so the Dutch gouvernment had to change the law bc of discrimination issues.
On a side note: all good haze is comming from outside the dam. The whole dam is dead on quality herb IMHO and has been for several years with a few exceptions here and there... If you want to enjoy great bud, take a trip down south (breda-tilburg-maastricht area) or go to Barcelona, the new Amsterdam....
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Yes that whole deal about foreigners being prevented from visiting coffeeshops was just alot of smoke which got shot down pretty quickly when it was suggested that Dutch coffeeshop patrons would in addition have to register!! Didn't go over too well.. unfortuneately outside media in many western countries jumped elatedly over the news that there would be restrictions when really it was just a threat of restrictions and as Yosemite Sam points out pretty well disintegrating.. But THAT info isn't making the news now is it? Gotta love the media!