nhxmh out at 15 degrees


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Nev/mango haze along with MK/sk up and going,

(same pics in MK/SK thread)

Very excited to get these going, got a nice spot in the garden to put these where they can grow unnoticed and undisturbed to their full potential,

hats off to you indoor guys growing big sativas,

Outside its much more straight forward



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2 weeks bro. what's been happenin?
just ordered a pack today and looking forward to a fall/winter grow. :)


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All of the mango haze/nev have germed great,
they are doing good,

I was going to wait until they got a little bigger and nicer like 6-8inches before more pics

At 1 ft they will be out in a nice patch in my garden,
I will keep this thread updated


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Hey dude, a Hurricane made land fall and drowned them all..almost got em as well it took almost 24 hours to move by car foot and sampan to get out there,

But I have one MhxNH just cut and is now drying..looks Great(i just dug it out of the ground and put it in a pot.)
Got both mango haze and Nev haze out now...

Where you thinking of growing these at?

I Found a few Very fast phenos,

Will let you know on the smoke


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Thanx for the reply whom, and sorry heard about that.

I´m thinking grow this strain in outdoor this season late or the next one.