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hi all

i just finished my run with 4 female nhs and had alot of problems with them
all 4 showed male sacs and when i harvested them they had seeds in them quite alot
i found the male sacs from 14 days on 12/12 and started to take them all of
i was growing them in scrog so there was no chance on finding them all
so thats why the seeds where there
in the end there where 3 that i liked and put them in to do another run with them

now what i want to know is how much risk is there at being male sacs again
could the moms be more sensitive then the cuts or just the other way around
i have grown my share before but never experienced this
i have been in contact with shanti and he assured me the plants are not hermie and this all must be stress related



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Not the first time something about NHS and hermies is written on the internet. It looks like they are a bit picky about their envoirment. But the people who got it "right" (whatever that means) love the plant.

PS: I know it's frustrating, growing out hundreds of plants without problems and then one fucks up and people tell you it's stress. I as a newbie-grower I try to avoid everthing that has thrown hermies I find on the internet.
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cola bro

hi 73
Gotta say that most good genetics will never do this on their own. The key here is that more than a minority of your crop hermied, indicating a common problem across all of your crop, ie conditions

look at RH/temps (inc max/min temp/humidity spikes and dips) if needed buy a humidifier

also pots size/ use good nutes - it can be THE difference (nutrient availability and quality) Do you flush between ferts to wash down salts? although that probably wouldnt first show up as hermies but more like leaf burn and curl... it might. you may be feeding too strongly too soon. unlikely as it is to hermie your crop

Other factors may be??? Temps of your water when you feed/water. try and keep it to 20degrees - that definetly would hermie out tations if you shock the roots with really cold water.

Are you sure its not from the gene pool, when you say moms n cuts Im assuming all from seeds? u say u 1st found sacks 14days into 12/12 ie v.start of budding cycle - look for light intensity stress at that time in their life. make sure that lights stay well clear of tops, the stress here will usually show itself in a yellowing and dulling of leaves/lacking vigour - also minor burn patches and slow/no growth

If your unsure then dont cuttings (I prob wouldn't until I was happy - but thats a shame) remember, you will be cuttings hermies

There are plenty of more qualified growers here but I bet few of them have had to cull as many tations as I have (unfortunately)

You must find the cause or you threaten your next grow

Honestly - by the sounds of it, because your crop wasnt ruined with hermie, then it was probably a limited mistake that only happened occasionally. Although its not easy to turn a female plant hermie.

check ec levels on ferts/temps and RH at all times

hope this has helped a little, let me know

all the best



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The 2 NHS I grew outside did not hermie, but I had problems with the 2 indoor grows of 4 females; the first time I put it down to a light leak under a door (although the other 4/5 strains I had in the same room were unaffected). The 2nd grow I had a couple of balls early on, then none for the rest of the grow, and no seeds. I don't think I have grown them in a completely stress-free environment for the duration, but they are more light sensitive than SSH, Devil or Widow IME.

Unless there is another source of stress other than light.

I say 'hermie', but all they did was throw a couple of balls on the lower branches.

Very nice smoke, strong flavour to some phenos.


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i think for me maybe the stress was in the early veg stage
they where in small pots for about 7 weeks 1L pots that is
after that they went in to the big container 500L witch they were in with 5 total
also i am doing a scrog and when they palnts went in they were to tall and i had to suppercrop them after that they did not do anything for a week
i dont use alot of fert i use bac bio ferts and always stay under the minimum from what it says on the bottle for the water i always give them water about 20 degrees
i have to say after the week of hold they looked really happy and grew more then i expected
all of the plants did not have the thin sativa leaves so i dont think there is to much haze in my selection

i have high hope for the cuts cos they did not have any stress in the early veg and they look really happy
i will keep close taps on them and if one or all of them have the same problem again i will cull them
and then i will start on my mns ssh haze pack
does the ssh have the same tendency as the nsh?

i will keep you informed on the progress and maybe will trow in some pics when they are a bit older


cola bro

It is funny that dog star mentioned light pollution as a possible factor on his experiences, because grover also mentioned it to me today as being a possible cause.

with light pollution all sorts of things could start happening that will confuse the f outta you.

make sure that is NOT the case right now b4 you proceed.

you mention that all plants were grown in the same pot (500litre?). Could this be the common denominator? Also that you stressed the plants early in their life, let them grow and then chopped them a bit. Yes yes and yes is the answer to that. Maybe you stressed them alot. I can only think that this is the most probable reason as you have admitted it yourself
all the best

sounds like your next grow will be better ( always the bloody way! dont I know that for sure)


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Yikes, go no further... 7wks in 1l pots

Ask l33t for some advice... (try10l pots) or see pot size thread.

(bizarre, from 1litre pots into a 500 litre! Dont do that again)
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i know thats why i said the stress must be from the veg stage
i dont have a large veg room and the girls showed themselves so late that in the end the pot size was way to small
i did it this way before only with 5l pots and they turned out great
so the ssh will go different for sure
i just never figured they could grow male sacs if the pot was to small
after all they where on 18hours in the 500 l for 2 weeks

well something learned then not all is lost i guess
the cuts are looking great so lets see how they turn out


cola bro

Hi 73

Your problem is not DEFINETLY pot size
although I would say im pretty sure it is

Try starting cuts or seeds (let them root out first) in pots of 5l (i use 11l) for vegging - some people will never use pots bigger than this (for sea of green) - maybe try vegging for less time

If you stress the root early in life then not only will you see hermie plants, you will also decrease the quality and quantity of bud markedly

plants also tend to bolt (ie grow reallt tall and thin) and buds tend to be less dense

Pot size IS contentious, however most people will agree that 1 litre is way too small...

love the 500litre bath style though

good luck