NHS Moravia Outdoor 2009



Great job with everything, CosaNostra;)...I bet your girls smoke sweet without a cure:cool:...lovin the videos and tunes...cheers, mate...jay:)

Joe King Park

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Excellent Thread

So Much Attention To Detail, What A Fantastic Thread On Which To Grade My Deisely Smelling N.H.S .
Your Contribution Is Bound To Answer Any Queries I May Have About This Fascinating Strain With Big Fat Pubes
Thank You


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Hey Joe :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-mBjG9chIFw
Thx for the kind words. I'm glad this thread is helpful.
Good luck with your NHS grow.

I gave half of my crop to medical purposes to Czech association Konopi je Lek (http://konopijelek.cz/) led by Czech Hemp fighter Dušan Dvořák. This man cooperate with another activists like Bushka Bryndova (http://www.bushka.cz/bushkaperson/index.html), Czech sciencist Lumir Hanuš (co worker of Raphael Mechoulam ) http://pharmacy.huji.ac.il/eng/staff_win.asp?id=107&type=2, Rick Simpson (www.phoenixtears.ca, http://www.mrnice.nl/forum/showthread.php?t=2920&highlight=rick+simpson), ...
They using cannabis to make hemp oil (phoenix tears by Rick Simpson's recipe) and start curing people with cancer and document it all (making hemp salve also for people with dermal problems, http://www.mrnice.nl/forum/showthread.php?t=3064). So i hope hemp oil from NHS help at least one person to cure cancer. Unfortunatelly there is many people who need help and low of cannabis buds. It's cos police chopped Dušan Dvořak's crop last year (more then 600 plants on his garden). So they use only what people donate, but only few growers helps them.

Informations are only in Czech language so if you are interest in this try google translator, but i dont know if it will be readable for you?

Sick man must not become a victim of the black market.

How drug companies are abusing cannabis
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Hi CosaNostra

Respect for what you do:) i' ll go visit those links thanks;)

Beautiful buds aswell for this outside 2009:cool: i wish you some big and tasty buds too for 2010!!

See ya mate:)


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Hi All

well I must say this is an excellent thread and very informative for any future N.H.S growers.

Cosa Nostra you do your community proud with such a thorough report and so I would like to say thank you on behalf of MNS.We are very happy to know such a competent grower who is doing an independent grow report on our seed is doing it fairly and then donating alot of the product to others who need it...commendable. You are a good person and keep up the great work.

All the best Shantibaba


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Great report

I agree you are an asset to our community here and obviously in Czech.We are both lucky to have you. :)Thanks for letting us into your world..Respectfully, BL