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Hey braddahs and sistas!
Looks like Shanti unleashed the Kraken this morning. Check out all the new media pics he has uploaded, many "like" worthy including some great Grail Widow pics! 1009 pictures!!



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Hi All

Yes the Kraken of old photos into strain specific I collected from mainly growers of those seed strains or my own grows of the instead of showing mother plants like many others i find it better representation of the seed people are using and buying to show what to is also why i do not put THC and CBD levels on the packets as we recommend people do it on the mother they select to be clearer. Things like terpene profile are becoming better understood as part of the medicinal effects not just THC and CBD MNS recommends once you find the right plant that is fitting the medical requirements and select it to be clone all lab work then.

But i am trying to catch up with updating strains and photos with the help of Musashi and Sara and Kristian...and the crew since we changed many things the past year.

Like Genetics it is a work in progress....a permanent state of temporary as i say on our old t shirts.....all the best Sb