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Hi @shantibaba and @sara_blakey
Love the new zenforo site for the forum.
I've searched and searched to find an announcement for the change but can't find it. Just popped back in for a visit and found the big upgrade.

I do have one suggestion though:
Change the settings for the advance search feature to enable "display results as posts" instead of only having the default of "display results as threads".​
That would be a huge timesaver!

Edit to add one more request . . .
It seems in the migration to the new site that the indexing for all the old posts is now different.
That means saved URLs for old posts no longer work.
Any chance of fixing that?

Thanks and hope all is well for you all!
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any update on changing default behavior of advanced search to display results as posts instead of threads?

There are 1125 posts by Nevil (RIP) on the forum, but if you click the link in his profile to "Find all content by Nevil"
nevs profile.jpg

. . . or use the search function to find posts by username Nevil, you only get 35 hits (20 posts on first page of results, 15 on second page.)
posts by Nev screenshot.jpg

Nevil's time here on MNSforum is considered by many to be the best public historical archive of his memories from the glory days of his work as a breeder and businessman.
It is valuable to the community and an asset for Shanti/MNSco.

Thanks for looking into these issues.


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PS: the issue is not Nevil specific. A search of my own 900+ posts returns only 7 hits.

Seems to me that you guys need to rebuild the index for the DB.

Tom bolenate

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On the main page the latest forum topics section don't update.... It still showing the ones of June....