NEVILLE'S SKUNK - Outdoor 2009


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Might be the Afghan that's giving the pink pistils, although I think Shanti might of used a new batch of skunk for these crosses, so maybe it's coming from them?
Peace gg


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Yep. I've seen the pink hairs on a few. Some red hairs also. I have one that's almost ready. These are really lovely plants. I've found about 3-4 phenos so far. Your girls are looking good.


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yea, it can be Afghan side, im just curious ....

I will check your journal, also its good to know to Neville's Skunk is very slightly pinky.Honestly, i can recognize two phenos.
Its just couple weeks in flow but its already visible difference is buds structure, also its different plant body structure and size.

thx guys


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Very very pleasured visit today ... it looks great !

It is pinky pheno, very pink/red pheno and I believe it
can not be just from Afghan gen side.

Definitively two phenos ... and one very mixed , so lets say
I find 3 phenos.

Here is Hazy pheno, taller, frostier, slower in flowering.
I guess its about 6 weeks more but not sure can I keep them
outside that long.Without fear they can stay outside to Oct 20.



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OK here is my love, red / pinky pheno from Neville's Skunk.
Really pleasured for eyes at end of summer/autumn.

Shorter, little faster in flowering, amazing colors from pink to pure red, not so frosty like haze pheno but its very frosty too.

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hey bizzout great plants you have there good gowing,just to say out of my 6 nev sk females i have the same pheno in one of the females,its not as red as yours are but has the pink pistils.
peace jaffaman


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glad to see you here jaffaman

To be honest its end of Sep and nights isnt so hot like nights in June
but like you see there is totally white haze pheno who have no sign of
any coloration ... (right now 16*C , hum 38%)
Well bro I have just this two haze phenos, all other is pinky or red or
some kind of mix but its colored...I think I have 6 females too , huh not sure.
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Well, i didn't see ladies 14 days already ...
Weather in last two weeks was strange good for this part of year.
Yesterday and today rain a lot, its I will try tomorrow to made couple shots of the plants.

Hope they are well and frosty ;)


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hahahaha sorry ppl , but no pix today
lol it was 4 season in one day
rain sun snow clouds and sun again lol if this isn't evidence of global warming
than Im Donald Duck !

will try tomorrow lol


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Nevs Skunks lookin very good out ther B.O great work

She purp off cus of how cold she got? thatd b koo to get some more purp hues in Shantis genetics

I'm not a purp fan but the color does make the bud look amazing

keep up the good work let us kno how she smokes


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No its not just cause cold, take a look my posts from Aug/Sep where I see
first pink pistils.
Really dont know how they looks now ...

Tem.meter says 8*C right now/ it will be about 5*C at 03:00AM

However it's called test so lets see what NS can handle and how much,I will
let plants to flow more ...


That is a sweet looking plant Blizz. Keep it up and take lots of pictures =D

Best of luck with the harvest.


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hey Bobby thx for wishes , I hope in good harvest too ;)

Well, girls doing good.
Wind was problem and there is 3 plants warped but its ok.
6 plants, Oct 15 & many many buds but no sign of mold !
well, 5++ for mold resistance !
very frosty but trichomes are short.




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One branch is broken, so I cut her off
bud is small and plant need at least 15 days to finish but take a look
at this bud.

sorry. no tripod and lens is just 18-55 so pix maybe looks little blured ...


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Just couple words about weather, to all of you got right picture whats
going on here.

Oct 14 was 8*C (46,6*F) temp and rain was for about two weeks like that.
Now its Oct 22 and temp is 23*C (73,4*F) so Im "sure" to Neville's Skunk will
finish here.
Do not have time to made pix today but will tomorrow for sure.
Also hunting starts here, so it's more dangerous to visit plants, especially
cause less shrubs vegetation.

Will keep NS to Nov 01, after that will harvest 4 of 6 plants and leave 2
plants to push more (just to see how much and how long they can go).


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Ok here is.
Plants can not be outside anymore, cause wind, mold and rain.
However Neville's Skunk is OK till Oct 20 after that can be problem with mold.
I chop today all plants except one Pink pheno.

Its very trichomes rich strain, freely can say to not require so much attention.
Start to budding late so its not very well for North outdoor growing but Spain,Greece or Australia I truly believe it's perfect.

Im happy with this genetics, can not say how much can give by outside
cultivation cause I didnt grow NS this year in full conditions but I will at 2010 for sure ... real outdoor monster/s.
About smoke and potency let me week or so to dry buds.

Shanti, thank you so much for opportunity to grow this beautiful plant !


BUD ROTT at Oct 23
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