Neville's Haze X Mango Haze


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all right i am out of my depth here on this for all you sativa experts i am working on three different schools of thought.

1) 12/12 from seed in dirt...soon as they pop drop them in soil and move to the flower room.


2) grow in veg as i would my indica strains, take clones and flower out in dirt as single cola plants pruning all the lower growth to get one large cola bud.


3) grow in veg as i would my indica strains, take clones and flower out in dirt, periodically pruning out the top colas to get more of a shrub plant.

originally i thought these would be growing i thought vertical space would not be an issue....and i was going to try 2) to get the biggest bud/most bud material least stem.

now, it seems that these will be flowered out in the supplemental lighting around a 2X3 aeroponic set-up under 2 400 watt lights (roughy 6-8 flowering females at most in the supplemental area).

that will give me only maybe 1 extra foot of vertical space (normally my indica's grow to 2.5 to 3 ft. max) so about 4 feet vertical.

now i am trying to decide between 1) & 3) knowing that even if i do 1) i may have to do some pruning.

--now i know there are lots of LST guru's out there, but i will be pruning these...gotta take clones any way....and i'm not going that route this time.

any help is appreciated.

i will be posting on shanti's site as well....trying to give my propers to my vendors and breeders when the work is good.




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apologies to shanti

sorry for the cut and paste man, these are next up on the list and i am lil bit worried that even when started 12/12 from first sprout that at 16 weeks i could be looking at an 8 ft. monster.

i will be posting pics no matter what...thanks for making the seed.

hope i dont screw this up too bad....



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well, i finally have grown these out.

i liked them lots. i had 3 plants in the pack that were keepers 2 females and one male.

the most vigorous and best looking turned out to be male. BEAUTIFUL, STONG (tops got me blitzed) plant.

the 2 females were a little bit different from each other.

the most vigorous of those is what i call the Nevilles Haze pheno [Shanti may want to correct me]. this plant grows fast! if i let it this plant would completely over grow all other strains in the garden. grows fast, clones quick and easy in plain water, and stretches in flower up to 5X height. it has top notch potentcy, but the flavor was only so-so.

the 2nd female was a survivor. several times i had given up on adding another plant to the garden, but this one just kept hanging on. i call this one the Mango Haze pheno. it seems much more polished. it grows much denser and bushier buds than the other pheno. they are only slightly less potent that the other pheno, but the taste and appearance of this one is better.

over all these were really good. the high is definately 'in the head' without be an anxiety inducer. it's a comfortable euphoric high.


thanks to shanti.


pics to follow...right now i only have clones and no flowering plants. in gallery.
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