Nevilles Haze, Grown in the Tropics !


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howdy resinbud

how you do? :)

lovely topic and thank you to share with mns. much respect.
you plant 9 much beautiful.

positive vibration


Its been a pleasure to read this thread Resin . Dont worry about certain argumentative members who seem to have a need to go aggro on every peaceful thread on this site. Your fast NH # 9 plant looks absolutely incredible mate. Thanks a bunch for showing it to us all. Much appreciated!

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I have done my best with this thread on NH, and do to being threatened with trashing this NH thread or any thread of mine, I am ending it. resinbud
the way i see it
threads like this are the only sanctuary for peaceful folk that truely come here to discuss cannabis , ,share pics and stories etc ,
i really enjoy your thread resinbud ,
great pictures ,
nice vibes ,
looks like your choosing to carry on with it ,,
thanks man , im pretty sure most of the site appreciates your efforts ... .


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smoke report?

Hi res

Where's the smoke report on NH#9? I know it's here somewhere but LaNina is keeping me from the simplest of tasks at the moment ;)
i wouldnt think its a mixed up seed, just a rare pheno that has all the quickness of the original nl5. congrats on your plant, what a lucky find.
you must have some good karma ;)



I've gotta say yours l33ts and chanas threads(and a good friend) have given me the courage to attempt this line and they are off to a great start!

I can only hope to be blessed by the pheno God to be as lucky as you!

Thanks for the inspiration resinbud!!!



Glad to see youre still here and the plants are powering RB . Very much appreciated mate. That Nevs Haze pheno is a beauty.


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Lovely pics my Carribean compadre...

Just a little tutorial: what I do is quote the link you posted for the pic and put
after it.

To make it this large (too large?) delete /medium from the link...
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Hello There Everyone...:) I looked through my writings, and this #9 is 75 days flowered today. I was planning on harvesting #9 at 70 days and decided I would keep going just to see what happens? I will say again, that this # 9 is excellent smoke at 56 days and I can only imagine what affects will be at say 80 days ? I think she is plenty ripe at 70 days, but 80 sounds even better, and will include a three month cure as well. Thanks Everyone. peace, resinbud ;)
Hi resinbud many thanks for sharing with us
Its a pleasure to scroll through your posts
Good luck with that nh#9 looks like it would reduce me to a gibbering mess:eek:
Kind regards KL


wow Res, stunning journal man!
Ur plants n buds are amazing mate,,, and the photography's beautiful! Lovin all the nature shots as well,,,
Lovely explanations and detail mate,, Top notch, thanks for sharing :)

Oh yeh,,, ur right Res, that mixed kush does look killer ;)
hi RB,

what is the longest time you have let a NH#9 flower for?
i saw you thought it was ready at 56 days, but also ran it to 75.

i think i have a similar pheno in my NH#4. it seems like it is almost ready at 60 days, but now is just sitting there. its at 64 now, may be able to let it go 90 days, im not sure yet.
i should clarify that i am indoors and counting from day one of 12/12, and you are talking about from the start of budding. i guess its about a two week difference between the two. so i should be looking at giving mine 70-90 days. i was planning 90 originally.


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More to come !

Ran out oftime many many more Nevilles haze later today thanks for watching Nevilles Haze is a great plant to experience, so dont be afraid.