Neville's Haze 7 year old trichome tasting (cold stored)

Seven year old Neville's haze trichomes stored in a vial flushed with liquid Nitrogen then stashed in a cold seller for 5 years and a freezer for 2. In all honesty this batch was so old because it was just so freaking strong I just put it away for a while.. too many deep introspective evenings on the couch broken only by the occasional check in from my wife to make sure I could still speak.

Remembering the serious spacing neville's haze hash run neat through the bubbler could reap on a person I decided maybe something a little on the lighter side.. a joint?? Seemed a little extravagant for such priceless material.. "seven years though" a little voice said.. "you deserve it for showing such will power" it continued persuasively. Once the decision had been made, the choice for the partner was simple.. some well cured nugs from an old Northern Lights clone still running strong (but a little low on vigour) in a few select gardens since about 87. So this was it.. a joint to end all before it.. the two pinnacle cuts of my decades long obsession joined together, their elite genetics getting mashed together in the ultra thin zigzag fusing together into something only a lucky few will ever have opportunity to experience.

A match carefully burned until not a hint of sulphur remained.. touched to the twisted end.. immediately, incense cut with leather and meat tones and touch of hash flickered across the tongue, milder than I remember and very smooth but still definately HAZE! On the exhale something else emerges.. something not from earth.. a taste that after over a decade I still cannnot put words to.. the NL clone,, maybe this is what people refer to as the "juniper smell of NL2" I don't know, and now synapses going off like crazy as it kicks in.. wife staring at me laughing a little at me sitting on the edge of the bathtub staring in deep contemplation at the glowing cherry in pure admiration; "why does it smell like liver or bacon or something in here" she says... "Cold aged Haze bubble" is my answer, words fading out at the end as I take another hit.

"Isn't that the stuff you always used to accidentally smoke WAY too much of because it took a while to kick in? she says. Fuck!! forgot that part!!! and 3/4 of the way through already.. better put it out and wait for a bit.. first though just one last puff just to observe how the aging had mellowed the pine from the nevilles haze a bit. yeah I was right definately less pine.. interesting that the incence remains so strong.. As soon as I felt the lung expansion I knew I had gone too far.. that last puff.. subtle flashes went off in my head as everything lurched in a new direction, a wave of haze crashes over me.. Raining outside but looks calming and my brain is racing just having emerged from under another wave so strong it was almost nauseating.. outside on the deck the sound of the forest and patter of rain seem to put me in some kind of synch with the surroundings... as the haze fades a bit, the deep penetrating indica numbness running down my spine from the NL bud become more noticeable sinking me deeper into the night. Wife comes onto the deck wondering why I am sitting in the rain.. "yeah it is the stuff that I always smoke way too much" I say calmly, unaware whether the question had been asked a few moments ago or much much longer.
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Great post bro!! I have had my share of nights like Thanks for the laughs. At least I'm not the only one.. maybe not so lucky to have aged Nevilles Haze trichomes.. sounded great though.


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Hey Ortega. I don't know if others are like me and appreciate really well written posts, but yours is top notch. I feel like I was there with you. It seems that Nevil's Haze is something of legend. There is a only one post on the "testimonial" page of this site, which I've read a couple times. It comes up regardless of which strain you click on. I can't figure why there are not more... but I figure that it's probably because members communicate in other, more personal, ways. But just for reference, here's the post...

Testimonial by Fijian:

My Neville's Haze was grown organically outdoors in South Florida USA. It was harvested December 5th, 6th, and 7th and has been drying and curing ever since. I broke it open last night.

The weed smells like pepper. While it was drying the house smelt very strongly of pepper - not a hot irritating smell but more like a fragrant pepper flower. Buds are very sticky - you could wad up a handful and they would stay molded in the shape of your hand.

One bongload, three people - the taste was very smoothe, yet still reminds me of white pepper - or cardamon. There is a very pungent undertaste of some other spice that tastes so familiar yet I can't identify it - I'll keep trying

Anyway - about 3 hits each, and we're babbling. Chatter, chatter - typical of the three of us together, music DVD playing - just another evening at home with the Hound family.

Then I noticed I could not understand what my friend was saying - she was talking but no sound was reaching my ears. I had to ask her "what?" a couple of times before I realized that I could not understand spoken English. The only way I could understand her speech was to concentrate very closely on reading her lips. I could hear and understand the words in the music with no problem, but not real human speech.

That was a first for me... I could not coordinate all the physical processes at one time. I had to remember to first manually turn my head in her direction, then consciously move my eyes to her lips, and then try to catch each word as it came out. They came out so fast I could not "see" each one individually - it was like alphabet soup. She was trying to ask me if the weed was laced (no - just excellent), but had as much trouble speaking the words as I did following them.

I also felt a bit of a blood pressure spike, and some eye stress type visualization effects towards the edges of my peripheral vision. We had a great giggle fest - side splitting laughter like you remember from the old days, for no particular reason.

We were capable of doing things - aside from the difficulty with my head motor skills seemed relatively unaffected. We fired up the grill and turned out some mighty tasty salmon without burning the house down, and the kitchen is still standing this morning. I do remember that each of us felt compelled to check the grill about 10 times to make sure we turned the propane off... safety first!

After dinner I rolled a couple of joints, handed each of us the end of a leash, and we went dog walking - we walk and smoke...

It was simply the most beautiful evening I have ever spent - a full moon, a blue bazillion lumens of lights and sparkles and just absolute beauty! Cold crisp air like we rarely get down here - stars.. good lord it was awesome!! My husband, my best friend, and my dogs.... a righteous good time. Eventually my friend has to go home - the husband and I head home for some calming indica, some chocolate, a comforter and a good snuggle sitting around the chimnea on the patio. An excellent evening all the way around.

I didn't have extreme munchies at all (but I rarely do), no body stone to speak of, I slept really well, and no weed hangover this morning.

Not your typical everyday "relaxation weed" but great for socializing with some carefully selected friends.

Yes - I recommend it!

Thank You Shanti for this great accomplishment - easily the best smoke I have ever had!!

Hope this helps


Based upon yours and Fijian's reviews, I cannot wait to try Nevil's baby! But as I'm pretty new to growing, I'll be waiting a couple of cycles before even trying. I find it interesting that you both make reference to speaking. I've long given up other "drugs," but I have experienced that feeling. It would be nice... or at least interesting... to have that experience again. After all, I still consider myself a sensible psychonaut. Great post brother. Thank you!
thanks guys,

"Great post bro!! I have had my share of nights like Thanks for the laughs. At least I'm not the only one.. maybe not so lucky to have aged Nevilles Haze trichomes.. sounded great though."

--Snow High I have seen your garden.. no doubts at all you have had plenty of your share of nights like that!

High Plains - I remember that "testimonial" it was from back on the mr nice help desk at CW! There was some really great neville's pics on their as well from what I remember. For me Neville's haze bud is reasonable for somewhat regular puffing.. the bubble though was the only thing I have ever experienced that I would put in the same league as a mushroom experience. Neville's for me is the only strain that has ever lived up to the hype. I run with a pretty hardcore group that all have puffed far far more than their share for decades and neville's still rules the roost in our crowd by a long shot for heaviest ganj experience.. Highly recommended for any serious pot snob.
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Nice one! I love a good smoke story.

Lately I've been trying to remember how the bricks I got in the 80's and 90's tasted and affected. Even though it was bammer, I could always remember my ears ringing and having weird audio perceptions, like I couldn't tell if the stereo was too loud or not. There are a lot of sensations that I used to get from that old brick weed that I don't experience in a lot of varieties today. Ortega's story really brought it all back for me.

Thanks for sharing.