Nevillés Skunk. Indoor 250w. H.P.S.


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HI MRK Welcome to Mns!

Nev's Skunk Good luck, I will subscribe to your thread
I love the pics, nice skunky sativa
You tell me more later!

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Hi MRK,I like the look of your girls:Dthey look really heathy aswell, i cant wait to see more bud.Do they smell real skunky?


nevs skunk

smoking on some of the stuff now got 6 fem from 11 not bad and the smoke's not that bad i'd give it a 6/10 still a great strain and you could see the class in her compared to the other strains my buddy grew.......... hope you enjoy her all the best caspa


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The N.S. ist flowering is veeery slow... pheno is very sativa..

the room is height 1.50 mt, width 65 cm, background 80 cm.

the another plant are a white widow, lemon skunk (with genetic problems), and two sativas colombianas.

(my english is not good, sorry).

David Harritz

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Nice setup there. I don not think you need to worry at all and just need to carry on and will give you beneficial results as well. Here the light supplies which you have provided is looking to be a good one. So keep going on.