Need Your Help - Name that strain!??


Hey everyone,

A few years back I was getting a particular strain that remains my all time favourite. Only problem - I never got the name, and I haven’t been able to find anything similar since. I’d love to hear which MNS strain you feel has similar effects?

The biggest thing I noticed with the strain was that no matter what was going on in my life I’d take a few hits and my mood would instantly be uplifted, I’d say to the point of feeling euphoric. All stress would be gone, I’d have a smile painted on my face and be left feeling warm, fuzzy and extremely happy to be alive / very content with my life. Stressors weren’t so stressful / didn’t matter at all because they disappeared from my mind. It basically instilled a state of pure bliss and happiness and it was easy to see all the positives.

I did notice that if I smoked too much the high could get pretty trippy.. like psychedelic trippy. To the point that when I had smoked too much I’d usually have to force myself to nap it off because the anxiety / paranoia were not fun.

In a nut shell I want to find a strain that leaves me feeling overwhelmingly happy / euphoric / content with life / appreciative / giggly / in a fantastic mood and blissful state. If it can help with creativity, productivity and attention span those would be bonus traits!

Looking forward to hearing all your opinions!


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Thank you, I do have some of that on the way :D Have you had a chance to try it or are you recommending based on stuff you’ve read? Would love to hear more about your experience with it if you’ve tried it!


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I found Immediate smile muscles activated in Skunk Haze, it is great old time smoke.
Then just from I found smile and piece in mind with better head concentration in ASH (just cliping, but have to be even better after drying)