N.H.S Outdoor 2010 Grow - For Free

Joe King Park

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Mmmmm yummy yummy!

Lucky you Joe, would you give it a good score for medical users? I'm not one myself, I'm just curious how you would score the Exodus Cheese.

The smell on that stuff is soooo nice. It gets me a little to paranoid though, but it is nice.

Peace. :)
Cheese Almost Always Plants Me On My Butt , Contented With A Sweetness Close To Sweetooth Or Old Funky TRC Strains Like Texas Heather ( Lavender X Sweetooth ). Blue Cheese From Bluebird Coffeeshop Absolutely Thrashed GHS Trumped Up Big Buddah Clone Any Day Of The Week (2007)
The Blue Cheese Was Only Then Beaten By A 40 A Euro Gramme Of Bush Doctor Kali Mist Jelly Hash ( Goink )Is The Only Word I Can Describe That Bonguru Led Tour Of It's Best Haunts
I'm Sure The N.H.S Is Medicinal National Health Service Well It Must
But The Critical, The Mango, SSH, Shit , Early Haze ; They Have All Had Differing Medicinal Values
Super Silver Haze For Example Is Oh So Motivational And Clear. It, Along With Shit Was My First Ever MNS Grow
Both Strains Challenged And Won The Wild Snowdonian Rains And Rallied At The End
I Came Across This Critical Haze Stump The Other day ; If I Clean It Off And Stick It Back Under A Light I Will Have Flowered It Four Times !!
The Thing Won't Die ( GS Cuts Don't Die :confused:) VIGOUR !!
So I'm Still Using Bloom And GHE Bloom Booster And Cannazym
Nothin More , Nothin Less
Cut LST On Big Un And More Bio Pac In Vertizontal
The Rest Of The Plants Are In Various Stages Of Flower
Taking Shape
Last Fungicidal Spray Yesterday , I Hope


Joe King Park

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My Best Friend Slept Out Last Night

Onwards And Upwards ( Sorry B.Steve;))
I Actually Thought He Would Have Come In , But He Slept In His Dog House For The First Time Last Night.
A Dog Really Is Mans Best Friend ( It Has Even Been Suggested That Wolves Taught Humans To Communicate , Which I Believe )


Joe King Park

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For Some Reason One NHS Just Does Not Want To Flower. Fortuneatly It's The Exception To The Norm.
The Others Are Doing Very Well And I'm Really Hoping For Another Few Weeks Of Cold And Sunny Days .
I'm Sure The Wait Will Be Worth It;)
I'm Using The Trim ( Picked Leaf ) In My Yoghurt So I'm Assuming I Don't Need Bananas Atm ( Due To The P&K In The Leaf :rolleyes:)
Sure , Temptation Has Reared Its Ugly Head To Pick A Bud
But Not This Year ; I Want To Show Complete Completed NHS When Finished
Here Are My Favourite Two And The One That Needs A Wake Up Call
Also Pictured Is A Mystery Trichome Jungle Plant All Resined Up Already
I Hope The NHS Finishes As Frosty:)



Hiya JKP!

The plants are looking gorgeous (apart from the one that wont flower :(). The NHS in the 'stormy weather' picture is a real sight and my favourite!

I see you have a bin in the garden that seems to be collecting rain water, do you use that to water the plants and if so do you have any issues with the water picking up diseases such as pythium?

Haha Buddy is soooo cool, I love him. Your lucky he didn't start humping lassie aka the tv. ;) How does Buddy and the other dog (I really should learn your other dogs name) get on with the cows? Was Buddy really scared of them in that picture? You made me laugh with the comment attached to it.

I remember watching a mini documentary a while ago, it had a man and a woman that lived with wolves for some time, it was an interesting program. Unfortunately as with many things, it went in one ear and out the other, so I can't recollect any of it, apart from the fact that the guy had to smell as bad as the wolves. Ahh one other part just came to me, he ate with the pack which going on how they were talking was a huge thing. He had to wait his turn as a new member to the group. It was really good. :D

Keep up the good work Joe. ;)

Joe King Park

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Hi There RED :)
A Serious Lack of Sunshine Resulted In My " Trigger Finger :rolleyes:" Snapping Up Non Bud Images ( Although His Name Is Bud For Short )
The Water In The Bin Acted As Ballast Whilst Bending The Daddy's Girl ( Which Apparently Does Not Flower In The U.K )
I Have Had A Couple Of Botrytis Issues With The Larger N.H.S , But Minimal
With All The Recent Rain Here My Spirits Were Dampened And Then I came Across The 2007-08 File Turkish Sativas ; The Last Outdoor One I Harvested Outdoors Was Mid November
So I'm Not As Concerned Now.
I'm Also Now Growing Mr Nice Ortega Indoors And Despite Only Giving Them 12 Hours Of Light They Refuse To Stretch Like The Lemon Larry Does And They Are Budding Up Like Little Texas Heathers
Sunny Days And Cold Nights Will Soon Widen The Girth Of The Buds
I Do Hope My NHS Inspires Others To Grow In Suburbia ; Hardly Any Smell At All
Just Use A Bamboo Plant (£25-50 ) To Hide It From Nosey Neighbours :D



Looking good JKP!

I love the look of the Ortegas, I'm going to have to try and snag a pack of them.

The outdoor ladies are looking nice too.

Here's hoping it's a bumper crop.


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any pics or updates on the seeds I sent you.. It looks like you started the cyrstal ibl, deiselryuder x auotak , viking.. I would love to see how they turned out... The deiselryder has to be finished by now...

love the grows.. keep it up my friend


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Greetz JKP...

Lovely girls you cultured there...i am curious as to the effects? Is it indeed of great healing value:confused:
I can hazard a guess,,,based on your absence of late in this thread, that it may have been quite good:D Been enjoying the harvest?


Joe King Park

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lucky bugger you have a windowsill you got all the guerrilla mod cons there mate lol.:D here's my little grow window doesn't have a sill but its a window with my hitec grow platform ie wardrobe thingwejib well packed lol.know exactly what you mean breached mate hower lass as made me move from sill to loft ski light lol:eek:
Mod Cons :confused: ; I Recycle Where Possible ;)
I'm Looking At Your Argo's Clothes Rack And Am Reminded Of A Grow I Did In Garden Shed Using Clothesframe with 600 HPS Attached.
Its The Same As Yours , I'm Sure Of It
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle