N.H.S Goes Two Tier ....


Donald Mallard

hehehehe ,,
joe likes his girls a little different ,,

always cool to see what happens to the unusual plants joe ,
fits with some of us unsual growers i think ...


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Hey gg and brock 1 :)
You've Probably Seen The Grapefruit I Grew Four Times ( Revegging After Harvest ) Images From 2006.
Started Out As Four Fused Branches , Which I Cut Free With A Scalpel , And Eventually Grew Out of It's Deformity.
This Kind Of Plant Fascinates Me And I Have No Idea How It's Going To Turn Out .
I'm Hoping It Explodes Into A Monster
semi humour:

this is known as the [in]famous CELERY weed pheno

we have seen it on another planet[planet "Veggiethon"]

seldom if ever is it a useful

plant ...well except in yer salad

you have a great one of those though amigo

ps love those fat leaf indica plants with the cupped leaves in the posts above it

Joe King Park

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It Was Four Branches Fused Together ( Til I Cut Them ) And The Plan B Seeds Co Grapefruit Then Took Off
Theres A Bigger Image Of It With My Dog Lying Down Next To It
Baked At The Mo, But Did'nt I Mention I Dug This Up For A New Revegger Amongst Our Community.
I Should Also Bump The Early Haze Tester ( Grown For Two Years ) Thread , Which Also Includes Reveg Material.
Our Summers Are Short Here And Recycling Plants Just Harvested To The Outside Can Help One Double Their Yield
P.S, Thanks Donald :), I Think I'm More Disorganised,Lol. But I'll Accept Your Version:D After All We're All Perpetual Newbies;)