My "The stones" grow.


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Bad news....
Started a few F2 seeds a few weeks ago.... Got 8 plants.... They just showed sex.... 7males and 1 lone female.... I'm pissed off...
Wonder what is the best stratégie.... Flower this lone female under 250w HPS or start seeds and send them straight 12/12 in the tent with this female under 600w HPS...throw everything in bin and start a new grow?
First time I have a so bad ratio....seems like I'm not as good as Shanti or Nevil when come to breeding lol!
If I start new seeds witch strain is more appropriate for that?
I have: masterkaze, the doors, and angel heart, spice and mks....
Any helpfull suggestion to rescue this grow is welcome..... I feel dumb....
I gave my last bag of sed I had made of grape 13 to a friend. his 1st handful was 12 boys. his second handful was even male female ratio. if you got more seeds plant the f2 generation and get it done! you cant make a line that masculine that fast. can you?

Tom bolenate

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Quick update and smoke report.
First I can now consider the reveg is successful.
Should be able to clone her in 1 or 2 weeks.
Very happy... This girl will be the queen of my garden.

I quit smoking 6 month ago, so I will be a vape report.

I load around 0.2 g in my mighty that I use with a bubbler... Using a bubbler alow me to set a higher temp and to take big draw without coughing... Using a bubbler to cool down the vapor was a real game changer for me... I highly advise you to try it.

I set the temp at 205°C for a quick extraction.

First pull is very citrus but without any sourness...not lemony or lime like more like bergamot.... Yes it tastes exactly like bergamot candy.
Second and third pull are more spicy and earthy... Exotic wood, leather and roasted Arabica coffee is what comes to mind.... Last pulls are less tasty as terpenes are almost completely extracted during the first 3 draws.
The effect is really strong.
Typicall hybrid effect of the highest quality.... Leave the body totally relaxed without narcotic heaviness while your head is in the cloud with a good clarity.... No muddy high like moderns hybrids.... First class really, best of both indica and sativa world stacked in one plant.
The high is long lasting and the comedown is very smooth with no tiredness.
2 friends of mine were given a bud to try.... Got the same return from both... They love the taste, the smoke is very smooth, but it's wayyy too strong for them..... One, who have sleeping troubles, went to bed at 20pm and slept until 7am and the other one had a paranoia crisis until the middle of the night.... None of them want to smoke it anymore....
I love this plant as it has a unique and strong personality... Can't wait to pop more F2 and F3 to see what comes through.
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