My 1st MNS (NHS) NL#5/Haze x Skunk


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I think he was just pointing out the similarities to Super Silver Haze, Mango Haze, Jack Herer. All combos of NL5, Haze, and Skunk1.

I would guess it's pretty likely that either the mother of Mango Haze, or Super Silver Haze is the momma for this cross?

Knowing Shanti favors the Mango, I'm thinking it's probably Mango Haze's momma?
That would be a good one to know. I wonder too. I am pulling up my comfy seat for this grow. Keep 'em coming.



good day folks,
ouch, had a touch of ph issue, a low dose of ph adjusted nutes was used to try & recover. Other than that, chugging right along, buds are forming more with the addtional weight & mass. One other hoot, have an addtional fem to keep her company
64 dz

64 dz

28 dz since flip
i guess so be careful or she might not recover she looked so good before that


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Thanks for stopping by, working on 3 that are in their 2-3rd wk of flowering. still working the 1st NHS that was female, Rock solid smoke at 8-10. The hard part will be which of the new 3 will be kept.