Musashi Plays With Fire- The Doors and Neville's Haze


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Hi All

Must say interesting thread M...and thorough. Think you got it nailed about the combinations this AC is pumping out to those patient enough to do the right job on the Hazes.
I do know one thing i know that feeling of opening up a jar after curing it for 3 months....or 6 months....the Hazes just get better and the aromas are narcotic in themselves...sweet smell of love!!!! Well done. All the best Sb

Mark G

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crisis is opportunity seem to be getting some really good expressions from your impressed..they look exactly how they should..your growing skills and conditions showing evryone exactly how they should look plants are fine examples of the best both of these lines...well done..and im sending plenty of positive energy and thoughts to you an these plants.. all the way through till you get them over the finish line..thanks for sharing these wonders with us last but not least happy new year to you and the magnificent breeder of these everyone in the mr nice family and team and to us wishes to evryone for the beginnings of a new lets rock the haze..


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To date The Doors has been my favorite MNS strains. Have tried a few, and all have been good. SSH, Shit, and La Nina etc...What has me stoked my friend. Is what I have waiting in the wings. A special NH cross...I garner the type of herb that can cripple you if too much is

Awesome job, and looking forward to some of these nugs soon. oon being another year, or two...Haha Best to you...Ns


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Aloha MNS family!

Mahalo SB and Mark G.

Welcome back Ns! Long time no see braddah. I am truly honored to have you post to my thread after all this time of absence. I have read many of your past words and came away sensing a man of kind heart living a life in integrity. Yes, The Doors is truly impressive! Can I assume your NH cross involved The Doors? I have done a similar cross and will put those seeds to soil very soon. I anticipate the result will be a crippling herb as you mentioned. The 4 month cure has really brought out the fragrance, the smoothness and the superlative high of The Doors. Potent for sure. As I mentioned earlier, there is something really special about the AC.
I trust your health has improved since 10 years ago and that life has settled into a mellow groove for you. Thank you for your kind words and I can only hope that you will once again come on line bringing the love.

Aloha nui loa,
For you meat eaters, you really need to try cooking The Doors indoors. The savory smells and mouth watering flavors at this time of the cure are exquisite.

View attachment 45460

Followed the whole thread and it's fantastic, the doors look incredible and would be a nice step away from the indica hybrids I'm used to but I have to say the nevs is just astounding. I'd love to try it one day but I'm new on the sativa journey and with empty jars just setting back up I don't think viable lol.
Keeping my eyes peeled for more of your journals.
Waves from the UK :-D


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That pic looks like The Stones at first glance but you say it's the Doors, so it's the Doors.
I'm assuming that's a Thai pheno being that there's no lateral branching as one might expect from a haze(?)
Looks like it'd do great on tables, even the fan leave stems aren't long so you could probably cram 25-30
under one light for a full canopy. Really kinda curious about the differences/parentage of the hzC & hzA.
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Certainly not like some hazes with longer side branching and extended internodal spacing, they do however exhibit some lateral branching mainly in the lower third of the plant and more compactness as well. Their derivation I cannot speak to. While I have a cursory understanding, I do not consider myself an authority on the subject. There are many here who are much more qualified to speak on the parentage and I hope they will. My satisfaction is not derived as a historian but rather as a cultivator, putting seed into soil and using those skills to encourage the best out of this fine herb.

Doors #1a 1_13.jpg
Same Doors #1 plant- 7 weeks earlier

But you are right, due to its morphology, the variety would lend itself well to ID grows filled with large populations side by side. The lower branching could benefit from additional lighting from the sides in that instance.

That doors looks blumin incredible, are they all 15+ week flower MU? I really like that structure especially the not too stretchy part.


From seed, roughly half came in at 12 weeks, the rest 13 weeks- at 92 days. Thanks for stopping by braddah!

Stopping by??? Mate I wanna come sleep in your grow room 🤣

I honestly thought they were as long flowering as the nev's haze... Now I gotta snag some of these too. Is Thai a part of the makeup of these in any way? Acrids comment above mentioning this looks like a Thai pheno has tickled my interest even more... I will get some MNS beans soon I keep losing at the auction due to that pesky sleep thing my body apparently needs 😂

Stay safe and medicated man 🤘


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Actually, probably the afgani side. I thought I saw somewhere that either the A or the C is of Thai origin,
that's the only reason I said that. the pic is light green and yellowing fan leaves like the pic of the Stones,
whereas the Doors pics seem to be way darker, some with bright neon pistils. Not here to offend or challenge
anyone really do have a lot of respect for everyone here, if even only for the reason that you are at the top
of herb mountain.


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I can see why you might think that braddah. I remember my old Master Kush grew similarly with short upright branching, buds in the petiole clefts, with modest but potent yield. The perfect kush, she made for a great indoor grow. Sad to lose her purity.
The Doors and the yellowing leaves; maturation combined with a good tapered flush.

Doors #1c 1_13.jpg
Doors #1- 6 weeks into flower



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Aloha braddahs!

@Marcus- Indeed, the clones at one week were impressive. I make a hole in the soil with a chopstick, dip cutting in cloning gel, insert in the hole. Spray with kelp and fulvic. Maintain moderate temperature and high humidity with a hood.

As for the Neville’s, I am completing the first leg, (the growth phase) of 3 periods.
Looking like rookies in the 1st period of a hockey game, they have yet to really show their chops. Here they are nonetheless:

View attachment 44373View attachment 44374
Neville's Haze #2 and #3

View attachment 44375View attachment 44376
Neville's Haze #4 and #5

View attachment 44377View attachment 44378
Neville's Haze #6 and #7

View attachment 44379View attachment 44380
Neville's Haze #8 and #10

View attachment 44381
Neville's Haze

I am quickly running out of optimum space with these tentacled monsters; side branches stretching the perimeters! The Doors harvest will free up space going into the 3rd period. I’ll then be able to consolidate the Nev’s under more uniform lighting to help them finish strong in the "last period".

Lest we forget The Doors:

View attachment 44382
The Doors #9 "Sativa"

View attachment 44383
The Doors #11 "Scrubdog Pheno"?

And yes, I have specific favorites and will try to get pictures of these soon. They all look delectable just different serving sizes lol! At this stage, it is kind of a pain moving things around to get decent shots if you know what I mean ;)

Still going through the thread but looking at nh7 she looks like she will be the longest flowering . Guess I will see the outcome soon. And I just want to say love the attention to detail you have in your thread . I Hope to be that detailed in my thread 😁. Continuing on now.


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Ok finished going through the whole thread . And I must say my jaw is on the floor on how NH7 turned out just amazing . And harvested at the same time as the others? That's a comeback and the highest yielder as well . Excellent results

BTW has it been 6 months since the cure started? Would love another smoke report on those NH.

My hats of to you sir. I can now be sure I will find some awesome keepers in the pack of the Doors I have . Can't wait to pop them . I flower outdoors only veg indoors and living at 18N i doubt the NH would enjoy that time seeing that the max dark period on dec21st is about 13hrs 15mins. But I will try when i get my hands on some NH in auctions.