Mr Nice, The Legend...a condolence page and tribute to the life and times of Howard Marks aka Mr Nice.


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Was a sad morning this morning upon reading the news of the death of Mr Nice.
R.I.P. Howard
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I know here at MNS we have the Nordle but I think it would be good to name a new strain in Howards honour.


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Hi All

Howard Marks was bigger than life to me, he was a true friend and someone you could take home to meet your Mum...i will miss my dear friend, as will our community.

I wish his kids and girlfriend Caroline a very long and healthy life, and will let the community know what we plan to do to celebrate Howard Marks life as soon as i can get my head around the news.

Today we lost a true warrior, but he made our world a better place imo.

all the best Shantibaba

Grover Sativa

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RIP Howard.
RIP My Dad (Died 4 weeks ago, Saturday) - my heart is broken.

We'll all be with you again one day...
I'll be with you again, one day, Dad.


My condolences Grover.

And rest in peace Howard..
Very glad to hear he had children and they are apparently well and kicking (as can be under the circumstances).

His name, his ideals, his essence, will live on through them and the world will not soon forget who he was, what he did and how he touched and inspired many.

Wish I could have met him some day.

In the next life then! Take care Howard and see you some day :)


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For me, Howard made a bridge between the common classes who know the benefit of cannabis as a medicine,and the so called upper classes who stifle it's use for mere monetary gain by demonetization.
With his ability to eloquently explain the virtues of cannabis while maintaining his dignity and producing laughter easily in all who had the pleasure of listening to him.
You are UN-replaceable Howard.
All my love to your family.


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Even if I never met you, you have influenced me a lot with your being Mr.Nice.

As good souls always find their ways back to the whole. I'm sure yours will do.

This Joint I'll smoke for you, feeling your soul touching the endless nether.

Cheers, Mr. Nice.
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I just seen the Sad News

RIP Howard
the worlds truly a sadder place without you and we have just lost a true cannabis Legend.

I try and stay away from forums these days
but I'm going to do a Mr Nice grow in his honour.

RIP Howard Marks


I true icon and a legend in his own right, You will be missed, may you rest in peace, and may the Almighty bless you in the hereafter. You will be in my prayers



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Condolences to Howard's family, to you Shanti, and Grover. I too miss my father daily. I light a candle for each canoe and bless these true, gentle warriors as they continue their journey through the stars.

Aloha nui loa

Joe King Park

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Such sad news today. After returning to Wales in 97 I picked up Mr Nice at the Whsmiths at the airport. Over the next couple of days Howard quickly surpassed Richard Burton as My True Welsh Hero. I had the honour to meet him in 2007 at the Hemp Hydro Expo in Telford.
Such a Nice and gentle guy. Very serene.
I'm wondering now if he's sitting around a table with legends like Bob Marley and Timothy Leary.
Cysgu Dda Howard. Brenyn a cadw yng Cymru. Calon lan o Pen Kenfig. Cysgu Da Howard.


Congratulations Howard on achieving everlasting life, your spirit and stories will be around forever.
See you on the other-side.