Mr.Nice Neville'sHaze


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Well damn lol.... I dunno whats going on with him.... or any of the aggressive folks these days....
I wish there was a positive charge going on in all of our lives... I know mines been shitty lately, and its been hard to find positive energy on the boards lol
I need some haze in my life


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This is the thread that prompted me to buy a pack of Nevs recently.

The Nevs and La nina are lines I've wanted grow for about a decade now, finally gonna go for it!!

I also really want to get some Widow AC seeds. I feel like there is a lot of potential in that cross and could produce some nice gems imho.

But yea, It would be cool to find a pheno of Nevs similar to L33ts for sure! Can't wait to pop them and give them ago!

I'll start a thread when I do.

Cheers guys