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Shanti posted today :
Hi All

some shops are getting restocked with MNS products but definitely not NH for the moment.
Its a long time since the last seed batch was made, back in 2002-2003.
A friend wants to buy some to grow em outdoors SE europe so I 'll advise him to try the Mango x Neville's instead for the time being.

Its too bad that NH won't be restocked soon, I see many people nowadays that want to grow it on various online forums.Lets hope that sometime during 2008 Shanti will devote a breeding room for some fresh stock. I know it takes a long time to produce some new seed from this hybrid and I guess it not so profitable to the MNS co compared to other strains that sell like 'hot cakes' every time they are re-stocked..but it would be nice to see some more seeds from it for the people that have been waiting long time to see some of these seeds.

One advise..when they are restocked buy as many packs as you be sure that you will have enough seed for proper selection and for backup.
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Hi L33t,

mine is in the bag...

I may have flowered a little too long... cause a few tokes on a nice phatty and
boom boom out go the lights....
I puffed on a good joint on three different yesterday,and all three times I found myself wakeing up after an apparent nap LOL. just to make sure it wasnt just me ,i shared a fresh smoke with my lady friend,and she too...went out like a good Rx prescription...very strong medcine...



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Scorpion said:
I puffed on a good joint on three different yesterday,and all three times I found myself wakeing up after an apparent nap LOL.
Hehe..Yes perhaps you chopped little late though I dont really think so cause I dont see that many amber trichs at least from what I can make out from the pics.

I too find my self that some sativas do send me for a nap but in a different way than indicas.Its more like they exhaust your brain and the body follows.They suck all your energy from both the body and mind

Lovely flowers you have in your bag :) they look quite frosty even with all the little/small leaf left on the buds.I am sure you are a very happy man.How long exactly did you let these ones go?

Man I love the structure of the flowers. I usually call these buds with the curved shape 'scorpions' cause they remind me of the tail that scorpions have when 'at attack position' plus they are poisonous :D So well done Scorpion with your scorpions!
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flower time?

hi L33t,
well she was grown outdoors in a 20 gallon tree pot,from clone,she began to bloom around sept {did not see her when she actually began},but early couple weeks of sept would be about right.when outdoor weather began to get questionable ,i brought her indoors,to continue,this is when she began to fill out much better than before,yet her flowers seems "airy",as time passed up until harvest,she lost most of the leaf material and added flowers with resinous calyxe. she basically manicured herself along the way and harvest was a cinch.
after she dried out most the way ,i rolled all flowers long ways into a news paper to help continue dry process with out letting her get crunchy outside until inside was well dry.after a few days in the paper final manicure and place in zips to draw out and cure gasses from flowers...1st test smoke was way more potent than i was expecting and creeped up on me with a strong wipe out.
the flowers are heavier than they appear...
7+zips was the total harvest from 2 clones...most of lower branches were removed early...I recommend that you do not trim this plant once bloom had set...just bend and train if she gets big.

she takes a long time ,but as anyone knows who has smoked a good sample knows ,its very strong weed.

Aroma...for me she smells like a good blend of her ancestry,Thai in the taste,columbian in the burnt aroma,and some afghan effect in the stone area...what can i say its a really special plant.



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I want to leave here a post in case Shanti is able to read it. I just wanted to ask "when" could be available the NH in your seed bank. I am asking these question in order to know if I should leave a space for the future NH or just use that space for something else.

Thanks Shanti.



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definitly wanted here too.
i have been reading up a bunch on this strain and would love to do my own selections in my climate. i imagine the higher elevation here should cause higher canabinoid production fora more bellringing high? i have real low humidity here too, often not breaking 30%!!! only thing is i have a very small grow season here. but Nevs Haze grown in high sierra mountains:eek:!?! gotta be a goodun eh? i want this one.
consider the next bean release question officially re-bumpt!


Nice thread Scorpion. I love what you did with this girl. We should all be so fortunate! :D
Hi All

just to clear the air from confusion and before you all go making a legend from myth here is how it was done and is done still....

Nh is made from Haze C male which is made by two pure haze parents from 1969....then the female side of NH is made from Haze A combined to NL5 or NL5Haze A where Haze A was also made by two pure Haze parents also from 1969

Haze A is no longer alive only Haze C male is along with several other different sativa lines.

but plants with the lineage of Haze A are still alive and carrying the genes within.

SSH is made up of Haze C combined to Skunk 1 or Skunk HzC which is the male side, the female side is Haze C combined to NL5 or NL5HzC

the Mango comes from a parallel cross same as SSH but with one difference

Haze A male combined to Sk 1 or Sk HzA being the male plant, the female is NL5HzC....that is the breeding of those three plants

considering the Haze A is no longer a male alive, it still is alive in the ancestry of some of the plants used in all these breeds

I do not have secrets about breeding but given the same seed batches we could all still create something boils down to selection.

La Nina is the widow father breed to a pure Haze female...neither A or C by the way so I hope that clears up all your doubts once and for all.

There is no one other than Simon at serious seeds who follows breeding plants like we do.Most Dutch seed companies use females plants obtained from seed batches that were passed on to them or sent to them, making their origins a little doubtful at certain stages. The whole seed industry based alot of things on Neville's origins in fact , but none except Sensi Seed had the parent plants to replicate things time and time again. Whether plants dies or were lost to disease over the years...well most companies would probably not tell anyone, but think about it.How many back ups of parent plants would you need in how many countries to be sure never to loose an important line? As enforcement on growers gets more and more restricting rooms get found etc....and the law of averages catches up on you. My last problem with the Swiss authorities I lost all plants in my library...some 42 mum's and dad's...luckily we keep backup of all the most important plants in 5 different countries and have done for years...if we had not had done this then we too would have lost alot of heirlooms. I do keep original batches of seed from years ago also in several places just in case I have to go all the way back to the drawing board to do selection again...but that is as bad as it gets for us.

As you can see it is alot of work in alot of places to just keep things alive...not to mention the expenses and time factor involved.

Lastly just to clarify things to do with this site...well I do all the moderating alone plus the pms and all questions and if there is something wrong on this site it is me who made it. I have a webman to do the technical aspects but all content and daily admin of the site is up to me. Howard will be helping in a limited way one day but he is a busier person than anyone else I know. Nev is not one for public life or cyberspace...and due to family committments is happy to do some work on plants but nothing else.So I am afraid you are all dealing with Shantibaba...whether you like it or not.

All the best now off to Bologna for a 3 day fair....take care
Mango haze father.
skunk1\haze A