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they are all in flower from today just getting too big theyre over 1ft tall now.
i will get some pics up on the week end .


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Hi Elmo,
cool to hear your in flower already mate, your a couple/few weeks ahead of me, have you found any pine smelling phenos so far?, found 1 in the mix, it's got that agressive full blown pine smell i look for in NL#5xHaze, excited about this 1 big time



yo MO!,

hey fella all good then apart from them theiving feck'rs. Looking forward to the pics.:cool:



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hi herb m8 cheers
hi hash m8 between those theiving gits ,falling plants and male culling im down to 4 females ive been seriously busy lately but i will try to get a few pics up if not tomorrow then definately on saturday
good on you fella's


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Here Here.....

We need a Indica lineup bro. Personally I'd like to start with your NL#5 PURE!!!!!

Is there a chance we could rock this one out bro?????

I'd love to try a few even if their not a release candidate mang.

RESPECT, Marlin.


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How's it going elmo? Any new pics lately? I'm trying to figure out what to go with next and have a pack of NHS myself.. Looks like you may be pushing 7 weeks of flower now, correct?

Take care



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Hi All

was reading over some of the NHS testers reports. It seemed BB report has had an issue with hermie plants. IF this was to be anything to do with the strain then I would expect to find others having issues with hermie plants...did you see anything along these lines?

I have a few of the same seed in pots on my terrace and to date only see true female plants. So any feedback would be appreciated...all the best Sb