Mr Nice London shop is nothing to do with our CBD products , seeds, or any other warned!


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Hi All

For some time now the family of HM has dabbled with selling the rights to others so they can set up shops and use Mr Nice name for merchandising purposes. I know it is confusing and not a perfect situation but it is existing . I am disputing all and have been for some time now as others also use the name with and without clarity...but we at Mr Nice Seedbank just want it to be clear that these shops are set up without using any of the products we make or without any of our genetic material involved. I have had a lot of people write and ask me via pm, so figured to just put up a thread on our site to be clear to all our members and guests.

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That sucks. All too typical in this day and age though. Anything to make a buck.

I see many sites with Mr Nice online. Mr Nice London, MrNice.Green, Mr Nice Shop, etc. From what I glean, only Mr Nice Shop is your site? And this forum of course. The rest seem to all be associated with Mr Nice London. They include: Mr Nice London, Mr Nice London Shop, MrNice.Green, Mr Nice on Facebook, Mr Nice Mellow Store, mrnicelondon on Instagram, MrNice Soho, MrNice Alphagreen, MrNice T-Shrts sold at Selfridges&Co, Mr Nice CBD UK, and the Mr Nice CBD Lifestyle brand. It all seems to be glitz'd out to the max and saturated on the web.


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yes it is definitely over done and trying to stand on the shoulders of what the seedbank has created over the last 20+ years...sad but fact in this world. One thing is clear to me and should be to those who eventually see or use things , our products for CBD and seeds are based on years of work and research with us doing all the processes inhouse...not in China or with countries that mass produce for white labeling. The whole reason behind working with Nevil and Howard was to maintain integrity in an industry full of unusual business people...which we managed to do till this day. We sacrificed merging with big reward based hot air multinationals and kept hold of every process to every part of what we means we will never be the biggest or most profitable...but we will retain integrity and quality in this hyped fast buck industry.
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Good to know,
As a greenhorn on my path (hopefully) to become a green thumb taking care of the herbs is complex enough without getting in to the “politics” of commerce but as I just inherited a 10 hectares farm i’m seriously researching the commercial aspects of the CBd industry in Italy/Europe.