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What’s up dudes and dudettes!

It is time to start a new journal.
Firstly here are photos of my space at time of setup... I love this iteration and it’s my favorite grow to date.
Flower room:
left side (should be) hydro side under 1000w ballast, only hortilux lamps)
right side is my soilless/perpetual side under Illuminetex LED fixtures.

Veg is a 3x3x7 tent split into two cubes. Both LED:

2x2x4 overflow, mother, whatever, tent (home made LED don’t judge the mess on top LOL)

It’s important to stay Hydrated:


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I use General Hydro MaxiGrow/Bloom, Liquid Kool Bloom and Dry Kool Bloom. Along with CalcNit and Epsom Salts.

Instant Cookies
Chem 91
Illegal Smile
StarDawg F4
Purple Crack x Point Break

12/12 from seed:
Nevilles Haze
Doors x Nev Haze

Seedlings/early veg:
Barn Burner
Purple Aliens
Purple Chem
GMO Punch
Grape Stomper S1
Tennesee Kush #2

Plant shots coming this weekend!
Stay hazed


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lots of non mns varieties, whats up with that?
Man, I've spent a lot of grow cycles on MNS gear and found many many amazing plants.
I am now working on chem/fuel profiles in order to make some more seedlines that fit my overall goal. While i currently own over half the MNS Catalog i just don't have extra room at the moment for things that are not aligned with my current goals. BUT- I will say I plan to burn a few seeds over the next couple years keeping some sort of Shanti haze in my smoke cabinet at all times.

I'm loving the idea of incorporating Nev Haze into my goal and working a Chem/Haze hybrid. The I-95 pollen will hit the current NH and serve as a sort of "sneak-preview" for that leg.

Anyway, thanks for asking. Those who know me know that I am not here to disrespect MNS in any way I am a long time happy customer and staunch supporter.


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"I am now working on chem/fuel profiles in order to make some more seedlines that fit my overall goal."

Hello Jake!

Don't forget to set aside a couple chem/fuel seeds away for me! :p



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Tear the roof off, we're gonna tear the roof off the mother, sucker
Tear the roof off the sucker
You've got a real type of thing going down, gettin' down
There's a whole lot of rhythm going round
"There's a whole lot of rhythm going round"

Who says a funk band can't play rock and roll? ;)

you guys got me bobbing my head. Glad someone caught the reference 🙂


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Tonight I harvested Illegal Smile #7
Amazing chem/OG Kush pheno. I’m going to re-veg...

I like your mission. dr purpur hit up an OG with mango haze and it was a winner. go nuggets!
hey Bro,
Sounds like an interesting cross! I am still wondering what the right Haze truly is for this idea .

Go Nuggets is right!! I’m on cloud 9 after that game 7.
Good to see you dude.
Stay hazed everyone, weeks on the downhill slide now! Keep going!!


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Hi guys
I hope everyone had a great weekend and the week is looking promising.

Here are a couple bud shots :
A273E367-5697-48CD-8F07-CEA5597E3F2D.jpeg588616D2-3361-419B-ABDE-2D828A0EC04B.jpegFirst photo is StarDawg F4 and the second photo is another pheno of Illegal Smile.
I’m looking forward to hitting the StarDawg with I-95 pollen soon. That’s gonna be an epic mashup.

please see Musashi’s thread for photos of my current MNS plants!

Stay hazed


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Some Nevilles Haze !

Nevilles Haze is the one to the left and peering over everyone else lol. Even the one gallon container barely contained her stretch. The perfume is that of fine cigar boxes. Something I know very well, and enjoy. Can’t wait to see how it develops over the next several weeks.

so, see- I do grow Mr Nice gear 😇

Stay Hazed