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MOderation good. Pent up anger bad.

Peace and respect all members!! Thanks for good and fair moderation. Be positive all and not nasty or negative. Grow plants and share.
Getting fingers rapped doesn't mean you're bad. We all have our personal methods and thats whats interesting, you may disagree with what another person does but that s what makes this a colourful community. Share and learn. If you are full of anger and agitation go burn it off in a creative way, thats why I like splitting stone in the quarry,not much aggression left after a day of that!! Having nice smoke is all the more enjoyable at the end of the day too!! Peace to all and Happy Growing!!:)

MNS Dreamtime seedlings and a project that got rid of some pent up anger recently:cool:



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holy geez stonesplitter...that slab is beautiful.
Whoever gets to go out for their morning coffee out there is gonna be happy!

Are you perhaps a MasterMason?By the looks of it,I'd say so!

See you some other time bud:)


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Tying to be positive

Tapioca ! Thanks man, yes that is my trade :) The owner is quite happy with the new patio !
Just thought I might share some positive vibes , alot of us are coming out of the dark and dreary winter months and it is in fact a big job to stay positive. At least I know I struggle with it, we all do more or less.
Be Happy and Happy Growing!
Looking ahead :)

Here's some real rich organic matter I dug out of a swamp, gonna plant it:D


O in front of G

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Wow take a chill pill everyone....

Hey guys...

If you think this site is strict and you think icmag or any other canna site is less strict let me get some of what your smoking....

Pretty obvious how different opinions are of people who survived the mass inflation of new members whos sole purpose was disrupting this site...

And again with the new seeds coming out and shanti opening up the boards to new testers and members there is going to be another flood of new members whose intentions are unknown...

There is a reason we have come this far and a reason why moderation was put in place and honestly i couldnt be happier with the direction of MNS and the forum....

Great job Jesse... Its nice to be able to lurk and actually read posts about plants and growing instead of the constant arguing about whos internet ego was greater....

As always much respect to shanti and crew and cant wait to see what the testers come up with!!!!

Back to the plants people... Its pretty simple really... Talk plants and have respect or your gonna get put into place... After all this site is MR NICE... Not MR ASSHOLE.... :)

Have a good day everyone... Good luck testers!!!



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Hi all,
Just a quick note to please be respectful when responding to other members. While disagreements are to be expected from time to time, lets try to exercise some tact while corresponding with others if possible and try to avoid threats, unnecessary name calling, antagonism etc.

Thanks guys :)


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I've been seeing a lot of testy people on several forums lately. Think sometimes we unknowingly end up trying to deal with people who are either bi-polar, or have anger management issues, ahh, some are just spoiled & nasty when they ask questions & don't like the answers they are given. My friends & I can have different opinions & share those differences without getting angry at each other. But then again, I'll be 60 in 3 months so have had a few years to hone my social skills. I say those who repeatedly show a bad attitude, even after being brought into check, should be given the boot. No, this forum is not strict. As a matter of fact, its quite lenient compared to many others. Main nice.
Remember one of the things they used to put on report card in elementary school? Does not play well with others? Hummm....

P.S. btw stonesplitter. Tap took the word right out of my mouth. NICE stone work!
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