MNS Mango Widow


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sorry for the newbie question - but is it fair to say that this pheno is showing a lot of SSH tendiencies (as per her lineage?) - she looks SHOCKLINGLY silver to me - even showing the same dark brown hairs, only in much less frequency than the SSH..

I swear I'll get my head around this genetics business if it kills me :eek:


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I know an older thread, but in competant hands. SHows what a great variety can be. Only regret here is I wish I could have sampled this lady. I still have about half a pack, but am committed to a friend to try some gear I received this winter. Yet this thread is very inspirational friend. I did do a MWxNHS cross. Some very good reports on males from the cross, but overall just an excellent plant.

I know medically curious101 has had good luck in the MW line. Hi C101 hope your well, and another friend found a great pheno for help with sleep. If you catch this thread Scorpion. Would you mind sending a few words on how you feel the medical side was. Cheers friend, and thank you much...Ns
Hey Noshow,
How are you my dearest friend? We live sorta close and need to meet somewhere in the middle one day and share each other's "best of the best"...Well i'd like to describe my experience after well over 2 packs probably 3 of MangoWidow...MangoWidow is like the champagne of champagnes can get mellowed out pheno's, real uplifting energetic pheno's and the very very lovely pheno's with a mellow/euphoric mind and a great deal of power over the was the pic of Scorp's MW that made me order the strain and i've repeated it many of times...the best plant i've ever had for pain issues came from MW and tho i have lost her she has left an open spot in my heart that no strain has been able to replace...i'm praying AngelHeart MHxNordle has some of the same properties as they are being harvested very soon...peace noshow and to all looking this is THE PLANT if you have time for personal selection...a bit harder to find that bell ringer than SSH, Nev's, etc but when you find her she is worth 100x her weight in gold!