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Hello, I want to report an unhappy glitch in the bidding process for the latest 4 winter cleaning auctions - 2 walkabout and 2 dreamtime. I bid on two of the 4 during the last 20 seconds. All 4 were supposed to end nearly in the same second, but when I set my bids the two auctions clocks on these auctions were set back to 5 minutes remaining time. I hope I sound somewhat understandable. I won these auctions nonetheless, still it was a wtf moment, sorry.
They don't allow sniping. That's why the clock resets to 5 minutes. You can put in as high a bid as you want. And it will raise your bid to beat anyone who bids lower. So if they had money higher than your bid it would close and you'd lose. Now if he doesn't have an excess bid. They are given 5 minutes to beat your bid. Sometimes people really grind it out. A euro at a time.
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Hello I would like to ask you two questions.
If I dont win my auction ,can I still purchase through you directly?
Have you guys discusd the possibility of auctioning off pollen, either from your stock , or from members.(Im to leary to openly trade .)

sorry Q #3, is there still a medical discount.:confused:
yes you can buy directly. The auction site has buy it now. If you order directly they have a few discounts one is for med users must have some form of ID for proof. I think after spending so much you get a ?% off. Order before you need them. Sometimes communication is a little slow. Be patient and don't send a million emails and keep it short. All orders must go through Simone. I think she works part time. She will reply and more emails doesn't make it happen faster it just makes it messier and makes it longer for her to reply to someone else. I've never heard of and doubt they'd sell you pollen. Discounts don't count for auction items. I think it only applies to direct buys ONLY. So it might need to be 2 seperate orders one for auction wins and another for direct buys.
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I have just been activated for auction. I tried to log in and said wrong name or password. So I go to change password and it don't recognise my e mail. Any suggestions


Hello J Auction Manager do you have any European Outdoor Mix seeds you could list for auction or buy it now for me? Thanks man.

J Auction Manager

Auction Manager
Hello J Auction Manager do you have any European Outdoor Mix seeds you could list for auction or buy it now for me? Thanks man.
Hey Alecky,

I will have a look and get back to you shortly. In the meantime can you PM me your email, linked to your auction account?

all the best

J Auction Manager

Auction Manager
New releases!!!

Dear All,

So as spring is right around the corner… It is again the season of giving and sharing… So to celebrate and join in the spring fever, we have 3 special NEW RELEASES up for bidding! Furthermore, theses strains have never been released into the public before and therefore offer a brand -new exciting and long awaited adventure!

In total there are 3 New Realeases up for bidding:

1) Super Silver Widow

Super Silver Haze (♀) X Widow (♂)
This is a F1 seed production of the Mr Nice legends! The combination of a strong Haze with the widow male means a wide spectrum of flavors and effects are awaiting the intrepid grower and hobby breeder. Not for all growers as this will be testing at times depending upon the seed mother you select , however it will be the stash of impress your fellow growers. Expect the flower to be completed after 10 to 12 weeks , but it will need 6 weeks curing after dried to really fully understand this plant....go forth into this brand new adventure!

2) Afghan Skunk Haze

Skunk Haze (♀) X Afghan Haze (♂)
Afghan Skunk Haze... This is a full line up of pedigree parents from the MNS camp and many potential wonders await! A practical Haze combination that should see a part of the progeny seeds combine as very strong Indicas, while the majority will be expressed as Haze. Expect completion of these flowers between 9 to 12 weeks, however there will be a few faster flowering possibilities.

3) Critical Haze Widow

Critical Haze (♀) X Widow (♂)
Our Critical Haze plant has performed excellently as a practical Haze for Indoor cultivators. With this new combination of the widow male , it will open up the doors to a great diversity of flavors, tastes and effects. Most plants will be completed within 10 weeks but some will be as quick as 7/8 weeks with exciting new possible effects.

To add, new stock has just come in and there are now 2 previously released strains up for bidding again:

1) New Skunk

2) CBD Therapy

In regards to any questions you have, please post a reply here, or best to send me an email at

Ps. The New Releases can be found on the Mr. Nice Auctions Site >

Success with bidding!!

Spring is nature’s way of saying, "Let’s party!" - Robin Williams


Couldn't find CBD Therapy as advertised by J.

Did I miss it?

Will it be in direct supply or as an auction as well?




Just saw it as well. Thanks J.

Awesome, did not expect it to be on auction.

Very tempted to make a move but I am sitting on so much seed stock including Z8xAfghanSkunk hmmmmmmmmmmm decisions decisions :D

But awesome either way, I had been hoping on the CBD Crew strains being on auction at some point. Would have already ordered a bunch if they were on auction when I made my orders back then.

But since I made a small test run with MedMan and BlackWidow and was very positively surprised by both strains, maybe I just put another order in soon :D

Stay frosty Bros and Brodettes

Broseidon out
Last nights auctions

Hi there. I noticed something odd during last nights auctions on a couple of the new release strains and what I noticed was that the auctions were adding time even though nobody bid on them (at the last minute). I know how it normally works on the timer but this time was different. Did anyone else see this?
Oops, I got mixed up. It was Master Kush Skunk I was watching that kept adding time to the timer even though there were no new bids. Another auction was doing the same thing but I forget what strain it was. It may not have been one of the new releases my bad.


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Hi brother, I think the time is automatically added when a bid is placed within the last 5 minutes. That includes automatic bids placed for those that aren't online at the time. I hope you still won a few that you wanted
Hi thanks for the reply. Yes it does add minutes when you bid under two left. I got that all figured out early on in the MNS auction game. But this was different. These auctions added time just as if there were a last minute bid, but there was no increase in the bid amount. And it happened at least twice on the Master Kush Skunk. I shut the computer down before the auction finally ended and I forgot to bookmark it so I could come back later and see what happened. But at least two times this auction (and another one) added time like there was a late bid, but neither of them had a price increase like there was a bid. Now that I think about it maybe the original bidder just raised their bid amount at the last minute and that's why it didn't actually go up in price? I bet that's what happened.