Menthol Shark Shocks


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So I got three Sharks that smell like straight menthol. When I rub the stems and smell my fingers the scent makes the inside of my nostrils feel cold. I'm pretty pumped. Anybody else find these? They must be fairly common cuz I got 3 out of one pack.


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Menthol sounds cool. No pun intended. I have a pack of these but don't have the room. I have heard such great stuff, I really wish I had the space.


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I also really like some of the woodsier tones that come through during their "greener" days.

I really like the smell and taste of eucalyptus.When I was a child,my mom said I ate about a good fly's worth of ointment.(Vapo rub!)

I'm still craving that intense high:p

Sometimes I pick these tones up.They kind of remind of throat lozenges.

Strong,ripe,sticky and all female bud has an unmistakable "burl" to it though...(only my opinion!please note:eek:)...kinda like beer.


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Hi Bull,

Just wondering how long you flowered for got some shark at 15 days says on the site that they go as quick as 40-50 days find that hard to believe, also what was the yield like, i have a mix between indica pheno's and sativa, looking good so far so no complaints :D:D:D:D:D



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My Shark clones went 9 weeks in bloom plus two weeks of flush. They could have been harvested at 8 weeks but I like to let my plants get nice and ripe. The high is usually better that way and lasts longer. I think one of the hallmark signs of bud that was harvested to early is short duration of the effects.

Generally I find most breeder descriptions of flower times to be a bit optimistic. In fact I've never had a plant yet that didn't need AT LEAST a solid 9 weeks to finish. To where I like them anyway. I have some Shark clones in the garden now that I plan on feeding for 10weeks and flushing for 2 weeks so total of 12 weeks. I'm guessing the smoke is gonna hit you like Mike Tyson!

The Sharks I mentioned above did not retain they're menthol smell for very long unfortunately. Cured up they had notes of pine, berry, spicy, and a very subtle hint of what reminded me of plumeria flower. The smoke was nice. Better than average.

I also currently have some Shit going that are very Sativa in phenotype. To put that into perspective, at week six of flower (counting from Aug 15th) they have only just started to form trichomes and put on a bit of weight. (my Sharks have been frosty since week 2!) Up to that point the flowers were a bit sparse. It's slightly nute sensitive and very branchy. Actually it's a very beautiful plant to look at. I have seen these Sativa phenos in Shit before. I had one that flowered so sparsely that I never even bothered to harvest it. While another plant from the same seed pack gave me 303grams! So there is a lot of variation in the Shit which I don't mind.
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