Medicine Man or Ortega against pain

Best strain against pain Medicine Man or Ortega ?

  • Medicine Man

    Votes: 4 100.0%
  • Ortega

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Puma Haze

Hello Mr Nicers, i post this little poll in order to choose a indica dominant strain against pain, i have Medicine Man and Ortega on my list but i would like to choose only one but im not sure which one, i have no experience in growing them, if a grower has tested both strains could help it will be very cool. thank you
take care

Tom bolenate

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I voted for MM...I don't like the taste that much (that's just me and it's based on a limited number of plant) but the effect was VERY muscle relaxing.
You should also have a look at G13xSkunk that can produce exelent plants for the purpose you're looking for.


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Many will work, some better than others based on your chemotype and ultimately your smoking preference. I agree with @Tom bolenate about the taste of MedMan but like he and @curious101 said, I cannot deny it's efficacy. Many of my friends also swear by it. And speaking of G13, the G13xAfghanSkunk is also excellent medicine.
In the end, no amount of questioning will get you to point B quicker than putting seed in the ground and finding out for yourself. Get "cracking" braddah!



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guys could you please elaborate on medman vs ortega? i was under the impression ortega is downright heavy bodystone indica while medicine man is more of a hybrid (afghan x widow). how come medman is better for pain and anxiety? kinda counterintuitive.