Master Kush/sk Grow


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MK/SK and mango have, went ahead and germed the lot of them,

Came downstairs and got a nice suprise, Great to see em starting off,

Will get the rest into soil today,

A few pics, (this will be the same pics i will update on the mango haze/nev haze thread)



Hi all,
Ive grown the MK x Sk in the past, and I got plants that yielded buds as long and big around as my arm. They went 12 weeks for me, but it was good cannabis. Leave it to me to find the skunk phenotypes everytime lol, a friend of mine and I laugh about this every so often as Im not really a fan of skunk. It was actually the first line I ran in the hempy bucket, and they did quite well without a doubt.


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where's the 10 day update? wish people wouldn't start thread and just stop without a explanation.:mad:


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I have a pack of these coming. I will try and get pics at a few of the stages so people can see the phenotypes. I don't have a lot of time and have so many strains going that I probably won't, but I should so people have a reference.

I sure do hope to find a super kick-ass MK pheno! Real Kush, not the west coast Sativa hybrids they call Kush.