Mango x Widow 400w 40" x 40" tent grow SCROG

I'm basically getting another 400w tent that will be the exact same setup as my Shit grow tent. The only alteration that will take place is the soil recipe. LC's Soilless Mix--5 parts sphagnum peat moss, 3 parts perlite, 2 parts worm castings with powdered dolomite lime @ 2 tablespoons per gallon.

I think it's a bit cheaper doing it this way instead of paying premium price for the FF line, (even though they are totally entirely great products) I'm just doing it as a price cutting measure until I replenish my funds from another tent and all the other purchases necessary until I step up to really good soil again.

Without further adieu:
Quick Update

Little update on the little girls, 3 of 4 are above ground and healthy.

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Cant wait to see this 1 apring into life good luck man
Thanks man! Won't be too long now, these babies are finally growing up.

Well, sincerest of apologies for not updating sooner--I've been swamped with busyness. Also, an undate--I won't be doing the MODScrog, I'll just be growing out the plants and arranging them accordingly to keep them out of the lights. I topped the Mango x Widow a little under 2 weeks ago, then gave them a 1 week period to recover--after which I switched over to 12-12.

The plants are sexed, 1 got culled, there's one potent stud that I'm keeping in veg that I might use later on to pollinate and make some seeds of my own. Otherwise these are the two remaining females. The topped meristem I put into a bubble cloner, so now I don't have to take any clones later on.

They are now 3 days into flower.

Here's some pictures:

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Some pictures:

#4 seems to be more Widow dominant, and I think she will provide some pretty stoney bud.
#2 looks to be more Mango Haze dominant, and seems to grow a bit on the lanky side. I'm looking forward to her more sativa oriented buds. I'm going to let her go a full 75 or 80+ days to really let her develop. Unfortunately there haven't been any really strong smells developing, but I'm not too worried as they will probably come in a matter of weeks.:D

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"#" Hello hello, nice to meet you. Thanks for stopping by! I've heard around the Mr. Nice camp that this stuff is pretty darned powerful so you might want to consider expediting the bean popping process! ;)

Sorry I've been so inactive as of recent, I've been focusing on my NL#5 x Afghan threat a bit more (and just have been busy as well, who am I kidding), but I still have a fair amount of updates:D:




The smell right now is incredibly spicy and rank, but with definite undertones of sweet mango/tropical fruit.

If I could change anything, I would have vegged out Mango x Widow #4 a bit longer as it seems to be a bit more indica dominant (vegged it like my NL#5 x Afghans). Additionally, next run I will be using a slightly altered LC's Soilless Mix but with the guano/casting/kelp tea recipe I used for my Shit plants. I've found that guano teas give me a bit more control over the nutrient uptake. Since moving from teas, I've found it a bit harder to control my plants with slow release nutrients (using bone, blood, and kelp).

Right now Mango x Widow #2 is running a bit behind her sister, but that's almost to be expected considering she is the most sativa cannabis I've grown to date. I'm thinking of letting this plant go ~84 days, maybe even 90 days plus. I'm going to let my plants do the talking though as to how long they go before the big chop. On the (MW) page I believe shanti says it's an 8-10 weeker, so I'm thinking 11-12 would be adequate for this lady.

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A couple picture updates

Mango x Widow #4:

Mango x Widow #2:

Apologies that there aren't more than one #2 picture, my camera ran out of batteries just as I took that shot and I haven't had a chance to go to the store.

What's very interesting about #4 is that she grows totally like an indica, (as far as overall growth structure) but her buds are very wispy, somewhat foxtailed and sativa. I'm really interested to see how this plays out once she gets dried. So far she remains having a very fuely/airplane-glue smell/burn your nostril sort of smell while the sweet ripe mango smell cuts through rather nicely.

I'm going to be cutting down #4 sometime after day 70 (probably 70-74 days) while I'm going to run #2 much longer to at least 80 days (she seems very sativa and haze dominant). #2 really excites me as I think she will give off a great sativa cerebral buzz. :D

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Well everything is down and chopped by now, I chopped #4 on day 71 (she was more indica) while I chopped her sativa sister #2 on day 79. Initial impressions are very positive--this is some really good stuff!

As far as keepers go, I had a problem with keeping a clone of #2 (she was in straight tap and didn't respond well while her sister #4 grew like no other). Right now I'm attempting to reveg #2 as she may be a keeper. I'm also considering popping some more seeds to see if I can get another phenotype to pick from-- so far I really like #4, but I just want to make sure I can veg her out SCROG style like an indica and she won't stretch too much on me.
Mango Haze x Black Widow #4

Mango Haze x Black Widow #2

This smoke is some really spectacular stuff--between the aroma and the potency it remains up there with some other top shelf/headstash smoke. Yield on #2 was exceptional while #4 was a little on the lower side, but if I dial it in and grow her properly I think I will be able to turn her into a decent yielder. I unfortunately won't be running this hybrid for another 2-3 months as I'm doing a single plant (NL#5xAf) under my 400w right now. Next run I'm either going to do a large SCROG of Mango x Widow #4 (I'll see if #2 revegs) or I'll do #4 with some new seed stock (either more Mango x Widow to find another phenotype or another strain--this will soon become my indica tent as I'll soon have a 600w for sativas).

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