Mango Widow


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Hi! Redeye

:cool:Fair while no speak freind...
how it been growing:D?

Really glad you could stop by and read thru the whole thing and many thanks for the goood praise aswell im just glad i was able to do it some justice ectr,very plaesing stuff!.absoloutly these colas are pretty fat and sticky and are still improving significantly as well.....theres an excellent mix of clears,milky's ambers,blues,greens,purples,and even a few reds:)lol

Sweet reptiles those hey,she was a 'giddy' Goanna! i bumped into looking around for a bit of midday respite in a gumtree hollow high above the ground where they generally lve,and yes that was a funnel web hole indeed ....there are many in this area ive got em all over the yard of where i rent .......makes for an interesting barefoot walk on a rainy summers night i must say:eek.
still i reckon i could handle a bite funnel bite;) now after puffing on the MW for a few days,the widow is strong in thee!


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hmmmm? maybe that Goanna pic'd was there for a reason:rolleyes:
Anyway it just occured to us today after redeye24/7 reminded us of it here that they are used for oils and sprays to treat various different ailments,
a bit like snake oil and similar i guess

think i'll stick to the this MW for such uses(and about the rest 2)
Very po-tent smokw this as ive sais i know,but worth mentioning again maybe.Most potent ive grown hands down...
Goes straight too every joint and they go numb..buckets of swat offav both sides of hamds...ver very glassy glazed eyes,body,and so on an so on

ps on a different note this pheno is officialy no more!.lol mate hit em with some poison bug spray when they were fine,and the burnt em nd they didnt bounce back.A lesson learned here shall we say.

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Cheers Greenmoon

Hiya GM,

Hope you are well, I'm sorry to read your mate lost her, I'm sure many people will try to find a fine lady like yours after seeing your grow, so all is not lost :)thanks for the info, very informative :) , but I would give the funnel web spiders a wide birth if I were you :)

take care & stay safe

peace bro


Excellent thread Greenmoon, you're one hell of a good grower and a welcomed addition to the forum mate. Its also good to see redeye24/7 again, himself a damn fine contributer and grower. (hi mate, good to see you around :) hope you and the family are well.)


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Hi Guys,

Nice too stop past while was away for a couple of weeks
and for the sweet words,

Not 2 sure about that 1 JessE:cool:.....but getting a lil better nowadays i guees thats a fair call...long way too go yet till i can compare myself with growers like you mate.
Was a really special plant and would love to get to try out another pack oneday pretty soon ideally




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Beautiful pics and a fantastic diary

Somebody mentioned the Widow sting, I haven't heard that before but it perfectly describes the unique high I feel in my head. Only widow and her crosses can touch me there. LOL


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Greenmoon, lovely thread mate! Makes me want to crack my Mango Widow F1s right now. I have 9 seeds and planned on growing them this summer cause I guess that they can handle the heat. Your shots and descriptions make me want to grow a couple now at least. So I just might.

Beautiful pictures of stunning plants but honestly my favorite is that Goanna. He is very cute(wifey knows so too) and I can't believe that anyone could kill him and use him as medicine. They need to consume some mango and connect with nature then they would treat that cool Goanna as a brother.

Sorry to hear about your dumb friend killing the pheno.

Happy Growing,