Looking for a portable greenhouse


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Hi guys,

Im looking to buy a portable greenhouse, since here in holland the weather is so bad.. I want to put it on my balcony/terrace and it have to be resistent because there a lot of storms here!
So if anyone knows a brand or can give a recommendation would be really nice, its my first time buying this :confused:


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Portable AND wind resistant is asking a lot out of today's commercial green houses. I think I would either buy a cheapy, add supports to attach it to the terrace in some way, or do a DIY.
My parents live just about lake front, down here. When we get a storm out of the north, winds have MILES to pick up speed and things can get pretty hairy. Hail and/or 80-90 mph straight line winds are not uncommon at the house. Without spending a small fortune, I have only seen sturdy DIY greenhouses make it for any length of time. Usually a wooden frame with cattle panel walls for stability and rigidity and a poly film skin works very well. How handy are you?