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Sorry if this has been asked and answers some where else but I have a question about the mango window lineage. I am guessing the father is a black widow in the cross but is the mother actually mango haze or is it one of the parents in mango haze. The only reason I am asking this is because in the description it just says mango x black widow and does not mention haze at all. Sorry if this seems like a dumb question I was just really curious.


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Howdy Keef,

this quote below from Shanti says its widow male x MHz.

He says its "Nl/Haze to a Sk/Haze cross" but I'm not sure how exact this is. It might mean Mango male as in NL5HZ, or as in NL5HZ x SkHZA, or as in NL5HZ x SkHzC. There's a couple of different plants considered "Mango". as in this thread...

Hi All

the widow male is the identical one in use from the same selection of the female widow seed generation.So all hybrids using the widow name either have the female select or the male select as a parent . For example Mango Widow is the male widow to the selected Mango Haze female plant...where the Mango Haze originates from a Nl/Haze to a Sk/Haze cross. Again the Mango name used in the crosses either comes from the select female or select male of the same seed to try to help you all understand things you should be clear that a male and female are selected from the same seed generation, tested to numerous progeny before being selected of course. Once the test of the progeny is done and the breeder female or male is identified it remains the same year after year. Also seed from the selected parent plants progeny is also kept in the freezers in case there is ever a major the plants original genetic composition can be found if necessary. Of course we keep selected plants both male and female in several locations to avoid this, but you know the nature of this work, nothing is ever that secure. So you can see it is rather complicated and all related at times so necessary to keep notes and well labelled plants.
I hope that helps a little, all the best Sb


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I thought I remembered reading that also. I have also been reading a lot about line breeding and thought mango widow might not be as simple as just a select black widow x a select mango haze , but then again maybe it is that simple .