Let's Go Walkabout Outdoors 2012


Hey everyone welcome to my Walkabout thread. A little history to start. Always wanted to grow outdoors and just never had the nerve to try. Well I have some property and it is heavily wooded, I figured that I may as well give it a try. It is private and the woods are very thick with brambles. I started by bidding on some Walkabout for 15 Euros at MNS Auctions and won!:D I can not believe how good the genetics are on these seeds. Big, healthy, sativa dominant strains. Any of which are well worth growing.
I germinated 7 seeds on Feb 1st and 6 came up. I had them in an area that got pretty cool but not frozen and had them in soil under 2 40 watt soft white fluorescent bulbs. Here is a photo of 5 of them on March 4.

I also prepared some potting mix by adding 1 cup bone meal and blood meal per cubic foot. I also added Vigoro fertilizer and epsom salts. Had around 4 cubic foot total. Also had 2 cubic foot sphagnum peat moss that I added as the top layer. I started by digging 6 holes in a heavily wooded area, placed hog wire around circumference of each hole. After wire secured, I added a layer of river gravel and then a layer of vermiculite (retains more moisture than perlite). I then added the enriched soil and topped it off with the sphagnum peat moss. Looked something like this.

So on the 10th of March, because of the early spring, I decided to place my kids out in their new home. Here are a couple shots of them just to show you how well they blend. One is easy to see, the other not so much.

The first photo actually has a cage directly behind it just to the left. You can also see a small stream in the foreground of the second photo.

So I planted them and W-4 got a little shocky so I did a foilar feed with cold pressed kelp. I also added Cannazyme and Superthrive. Some slight leaf damage, but otherwise no problem. Uploading photo error caused W-1 and W-4 to be redone on the 11th. But you can see that the damage was minimal on W-4.

Here is Walkabout 1, the smallest of the crew and the one that was not in the initial photo.

Walkabout 2

Walkabout 3 with loyal assistant scoping out perimeter.

Walkabout 4 the day after transplant. You can see withering on the lower leaves. This plant was laid over before the foilar feed.

Walkabout 5 is the largest.

Walkabout 6 is the second largest and had a mild leaf shock that has pretty much resolved.

I appreciate all who take the time to view and if you are sitting on the fence to go outdoors, all I can say is I went for it, if low risk you can too.
I will likely update every couple weeks. Thanks for stopping by.:cool:-bk


Walkabout 2012 Week 2

amathystbuddah, manieville, and all well-wishers,
Thanks for stopping by and checking out my grow. Hope everyone comes back and checks out the challenges and ultimate rewards of my outdoor grow. To anyone in the Southeast USA I say right now: This is the year to get those long flowering sats into the great outdoors. Most plants have an excellent chance of making it to full maturity. This is the earliest spring I can recall in well over 20 years. To compare it, in 2010 I was in New Orleans the second week of April and the blooms were about equal to what they were 2 weeks ago! That is SIX extra weeks of grow time. Go and plant a 'tree':D.
I understand the mulch and bigger hole suggestion. I also have a tight budget and used what I already had. This is the first time the native soil has been grown in and the loam is dark and rich. I am sure there is more I can do to improve yield, but I learn best by screwing up. I am persistent and will do most everything I can to get these babies in the right direction, but before I can run I have to walk(about). Anyone who has any questions, tips, or suggestions on outdoor growing are more than welcome to post them in this Mr Nice Community thread that I initiated. Exchanging information and finding what works best for the individual at that point in their growing career is what it is all about.
Week 2 was almost uneventful. Growing in thick woods for security reasons, and anyone with pointers is welcome to post them, plants starting off well. Monday afternoon Walkabout 5 was molested and uprooted. I believe a cat did it. Anyway I put the roots back in the soil and the next day it was still droopy. Propped base up with more soil. Next day same thing. Got some cold pressed kelp, Superthrive, and Cannazyme and did a foilar feed on all six. Thursday afternoon and all six look great. Just a little lower leaf damage on Walkabout 5.

Walkabout 1

Walkabout 2

Walkabout 3

Walkabout 4

Walkabout 5

Walkabout 6

That's all the pictures for this week. Still small for sure but I am hoping to post pictures weekly in order to see just how the great outdoors grows oh so well. Anyone with a critical eye who wishes to identify a plant at any time is more than welcome to weigh in. Thanks to all who stopped by.:cool:-bk


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lovely stuff BK, all the best for this season :) liking the security measures.
one thing i thought i should mention is that using animal based ferts
(blood/ bone ect.) can attract nosy critters looking for lunch :mad:
maybe thats what happened to WA #5? you can spread afew piles round to let 'them know its not food (supposedly) not tried it my self, not had to yet.

it looks shaded but being where you are i think that could come in handy....
....maybe? :D mulch mulch mulch ;) less watering. whats the general climate like where you are. im guessing its not like the UK :D


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always like seeing some walkabout threads. I guerillad for many years in outdoors-- 10 years ago I grew critical mass outdoors from proven select clones and it was incredible plant but In the end the rippers (thieves and/or police) became too much. For true walkabouts you cannot go wrong but spending 6 months working something only to have it ripped near the end was more than I could handle after 2 years straight harvests got ripped. Choppers or "rogues" dont know but I do miss the outdoors.
Excellent start to a journal BK, very well laid out (both the thread and the 'plots'). It's going to be interesting watching what comes out of your pack.
Congratulations on obtaining some land, i'm jealous as hell.

I hope you get some monsters and wonderful flavours.



Walkabout 2012 Week 3

Thanks for the animal product tip, sometimes I can overlook the obvious. It reminds me of the saying that you walk over a dollar to pick up a dime. The Southeast US often has a period of weather of 90 days of 30 C weather (90 F). Differs slightly from the parts of the UK I have been for sure.
Thanks for stopping in and the tales of ripping off grows is sad but true. The political climate has to change, unfortunately it is taking for freakin' ever. Remember hearing 1970's "Oh pot will be legal when we're adults." Guess again, leo and the perpetual lies run deep. Oh by the way it's okay to be addicted to opiates as long a a doctor writes the script! Talk about inequity.NORML is a joke and likely does more to maintain the status quo than legalize. Look at California, corruption has ruined the collectives and has kept the initiative off the ballot this year. Let's get serious people. Step #1: LEGALIZE IT! Step #2: Everything else. Well stepping off the soapbox now.
The Fijian Toker & captain caveman,
Thanks for stopping by and your kind words. A little bit of sun and rain is a wonderful thing. Nature still does it best!
Week 3 has been low maintenance on my part. Had two days of a good soaking rain and the plants have doubled in size. Internodal length is long of course but all are looking good. Going to try to take pictures from same height to get good perspective. Right now top of cage height for the most part.
Without further ado, here's Walkabout 1:
Walkabout 1 had some insects snacking on it, but minimal damage. Growth has not been affected.

Walkabout 2 has a pronounced bow at the base of the stem, no injury or anything. Stem is stout and I decided to leave it alone for now. This site did get the most drainage during the rain.

Walkabout 3 got some fat leaves.

Walkabout 4 likely the most shaded, but coming on strong.

Walkabout 5 growing like a weed.

Walkabout 6 is soooooooo Sativa!

Thanks to everyone for stopping by and all constructive input is welcome. Until next week.-:cool:-bk
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Walkabout 2012 Week 4

Well, the walk is going to get shorter for me. I have six Walkabout with 4 definite males. One that looks like it is going to be and one undeclared. On top of that, we had a hail storm yesterday. And the bugs they are a booming. Even with all this, I do have contingencies and plan on getting some pollen from 2 of the boys and replacing the others with something I already have growing. It will likely be a La Nina mother and one of my The Doors (they have not been sexed yet). Regardless, I topped Walkabouts 1-5 Thursday and W-6 was already declared and left alone. Here is how they looked this morning.
Walkabout 1 may be the sole female. Hope so anyway.

Walkabout 2 tending toward maleness, had some storm damage as well as everything else.

Walkabout 3 male as well, may keep this one for pollen.

Walkabout 4 is male.

Walkabout 5 is male.

Walkabout 6 was untopped male and most sativa looking. Hope to get some pollen from this one.

I'll have to decide what I am going to do this week and I will likely move this thread over to the Outdoor forum since it will no longer be Strain Based. Thanks everyone for stopping by and I will update next week.:cool:-bk
Gutted about all the males bk, fingers crossed for the number 1 walkabout.

And aren't you a breath of fresh air around these parts. No complaining about the ratio and you've already decided to put a few males to good use. I'm feeling the good vibes :)

Take it easy fella



Walkabout 2012 Week 5: Boys Will Be Boys

The Fijian Toker,
'You Can't Always Get What You Want', the great Rolling Stones song comes to mind after reading your post. But 'you get what you need'!:D. Male/Female is a biological imperative we share with our favorite plant and I am all for planned parenthood lol. Nature got it right the first time and I am just trying to bend natures will to my desire. Mr. Nice is head and shoulders above the 'big' sellers because they understand the science of nature and use it to make optimal plants that we can purchase. Wow! Just think when it's legal! They could really be on to something then, but that's another story.
Six of six male and Plan B is this: I will collect pollen from the two dominant males, W-5 and W-6 fit the bill. I have germinating 5 Walkabout and 5 Z-99 seeds that will go outdoors. I have 6 plots and any remaning females need to fill the gap will come from my La Nina mothers. I will be growing some girls outside this year. Period. I will continue with the pollen collection here and start and Outdoor thread for the other.
Nature decided males and that's fine with me. Better than hermies later I say.

Last go around for group. Here's Walkabout 1.

Walkabout 2

Walkabout 3

Walkabout 4

Walkabout 5 has shown dominance in size and pod development. It has grown to the height of the fence although it has been topped. Also quite sativa in expression.

Walkabout 6 is King. Always most sativa leaves, quickest to express and a hearty grower. Most developed and should be a great dad.

Thanks everyone for dropping in. Happy Easter! Stay safe and treat others with consideration.:cool:-bk

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Good luck with your boys .
I''m just growing out a cross I did with a very similar male to yours and the results so far are pretty good .:)