LaNina, Grown In The Tropics.


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Thank you for the kind words professorjj wanted to share a few pictures as they go along with the thought as proof of those buzzards circling and landing under neath MW smelly girl. I couldn't believe how many buzzards there were and everywhere roosting right above plant every night until I pulled the plug to stop them from doing that. Owning acreage in a swamp you have to be very careful as choppers fly ruteinly and love open exhaust as they are loud choppers so have to be careful they looking. Ten feet under is very advanced room that has literally changed my style forever, and is so relaxing is equipped with Flir material to make it invisible is highly recommended. Hope you enjoy, more to come.



Ten feet under 🌴🍌


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No proof was required mate I believed you 100%. The thought of Vultures catching a whiff and looking for the source only to find a MW planted in the ground had me rolling on the floor. Loving the pictures brother. Stay safe