La Nina flower shots


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So what do you think Ronin, are Hz and MM related? I'd like opinions from those who have smoked plants from both lines.
I would have to work with MM and/or Widow and/or their hybrids to be able to make that guess. What I do feel comfortable saying is that I believe they share a very similar background, at least some of the Haze hybrids I have seen.

The tastes and odors are not like the ones I mentioned earlier that I found with Silver Haze and NL5 x Haze. I experienced this side of Haze for the first time around 93 or 94 when my buddy flew to Amsterdam to get "Haze" seeds. He met Shanti and came back with SSH, Skunk x Haze, and some other stuff .

I really miss what I used to know as the "Haze" flavor. I have access to it now, to an extent, but that flavor of the Silver Haze and NL5 x Haze changed everything for me as much as the high did. I have found the taste in SSH, and after I finish running through the MH I have, I will get another pack with the new NL5 x Haze to see what I find.

When I started growing again and found this crazy new marijuana universe on the net I was so overwhelmed. I was devastated to find out Sensi had changed and they fucked up the two strains I wanted. It broke my heart to hear that SH is nothing like it was when I fell in love with it.Then, GHS had changed too and there were 2 SSH.... Oh, the confusion. Lucky for me. Curious101 pointed me here.

I have only MNS strains in my garden at this time.

Anyways, bring back the incense/peppery/spiciness to go with the sweetness.


MM and the one side of Haze, from what I have seen/tasted, could pass for one another.

:D :D :D
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LT you post some of the most satisfying and comprehensive threads on the web, your art and your sharing are highly appreciated......bravo!...-nate

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A quick word of thanks for all of the effort that you have put into this thread, not to mention the lovely photos. I've been spending a lot of time here & in the La Nina sub-section lately, as I have six phenotypes of LN that are only a few weeks from flowering.

I am amazed by the broad range of expression I am already seeing-- everything from fairly squat, tightly-noded bushes to large, rangy plants with seemingly little indica influence. I cannot wait to see how the flowers develop, but your photos and descriptions are doing a good job of tiding me over... The next 90 days will be exciting! :cool:


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That's a super nice thread. Beautiful examples of ln. Officially adding this to my list.