La Nina flower shots


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I don't care if i'm bumping an old thread....damn that La nina ROCKS :cool::eek::cool::D

THIS is gonna be my next seed buy.....respect Shanti!!

Peace, TPS


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Hi all

was doing some organizing work in my hard disk and saw some of the LN pics I hadnt posted so here are some below. All are from the Hazy pheno..airy buds but superfrosty and with a high and flavor to remember..a truly excellent breed



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Hi L33t,

Magnificent shots of what, by the looks of it, should be a remarkable smoke :)

Thank you once again for sharing. I will also want “La Nina” in my collection thanks to you.

You know, I decided to quit smoking Cannabis for a wile, but your pictures make my mouth water :D


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Just want to say thanks for all of those breath-taking and inspiring shots. I'm germing some soon. Hoping for a Hazy pheno.
Thanks again man, those are actually some of the best shots I've ever seen on any forum. Those shots would have Jason King sweating in a contest. He might ask you to do some shots for the next Cannabible.

grow on!



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Wow, My first post, your pics are great, looking forward to puttin my hands on some beans.


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hey l33t

Hi L33,

Just a question about la nina. From looking thru the thread. I notice what seems to be some seriously good frost/trich's on the stems. Seemingly away from the buds. DO you by any chance keep this to make hash?, or just toss it out like trash? Just curious...Ns

P.S. Also if you keep it, and make hash. How does it turn out?..Ns


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Hi L33,

Just a question about la nina. From looking thru the thread. I notice what seems to be some seriously good frost/trich's on the stems. Seemingly away from the buds. DO you by any chance keep this to make hash?, or just toss it out like trash? Just curious...Ns

P.S. Also if you keep it, and make hash. How does it turn out?..Ns
Hey noshow

I usually toss stems away but I ve got to admit that I have made few times different types of smokables from resinous stems/bud stalks. Of course you need to have a few oz of frosty stem stuff to get some descent return. Once I had kept the bud stems from the buds from all the harvest and it got me several potent joints of oil. The main stalks and branches dont produce much if any yield but the stems give something if stems are frosty.
Oil is better approach compared to icehash as from what I ve seen most trichomes will be too small plus trichs are found among a lot of cystolithic good yielding wate/ice extraction is harder. With oil its easier I find and more efficient. Dont expect to get a lot but at hard times it you will get high ;) Most strains dont produce enough glandural trichomes on the stems so such extraction are worth doing if you got frosty strains like LN and enough/lots of it.

PS by Oil I mean alchohol extraction not butane.


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Great La Nina Thread

Great thread Leet. I hope its not in bad form to revive old threads but this one has been especially valuable for those interested in La Nina imo.

Had a few questions for you if you find the time.

1. I noticed that you've both vegged yours a bit and flowered from seed. When using pots less than 10L, what would you say is the longest amount of veg you can have and avoid plants becoming root bound.

2. I was a little confused by your comments on topping the plant. Can you briefly explain what you've found, in your experience, to be the best growth method for this plant indoors?

3. La Nina: Heavy feeder or light feeder?

Thanks in advance.



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Making oil today from LaNina, Mango Haze, and Crit Mass. I will be doing a quick wash with pure grain and then, after draining, I add the plant mass to a tincture jar. I haven't tried to make a tincture with just the leftovers.

Will let yas know how it goes.


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hi Scrog

I start my plants in 1liter pots and I believe you should not really let the plant grow for over 3-3.5weeks in there , cause if you have fast growth it will start to be limited/restricted by the rootspace.

With the final 10liter pots you can veg a plant for up to 4 weeks or 5 max depending on strain. But when I veg plants for 5 weeks I may use 16 liter final pots sometimes.

As for LN and topping well if you veg for 2-3weeks before going to flowering I think its best to avoid topping. The plant will yield much better if given at least 4weeks veg and then topped right before 12/12. This way it will grow big enough and yield much better considering the resources given. LN is a plant that flowers fast so this is the reason I think this plant needs a longer veg that other lines. SSH , MH , NH do much better with 12/12 from seed and less veg in general as they are slower to flower and take 10-12weeks while LN is a 9weeker finisher(most phenos). Its not a light feeder really but it requires less nutes than strains like Shit CriticalMass etc. Some phenos may be light feeders tho , the more sativa expressive ones.

Hi Ronin,

looking forward to hear how things went


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Been awhile since tapping new genetics but my LN pack arrived today-- thanks to this inspiring thread. I specifically selected LN over SSH or MH b/c the suggestion that the genetics exclude sk and nl. The clincher was finding out the haze female is actually MM. Although this disappointed some looking for the traditional S/N haze line I am excited to tap into this alternative "haze" lineage--not only Shanti's fine widow genetics but also the legendary MM as shaped by those dedicated aussie breeders down under. Will be popping these ASAP for the second winter run starting in a few weeks and will update.


Is M. Madness a haze hybrid or a unique sativa? Sorry, not very familiar with M. madness.
I'm not either, but I'm pretty sure I'm smoking it now. It's not Haze, but it's the next closest thing I've ever come across. One could be forgiven for thinking they are related, I'm not sure they're not, 40 or 50 years ago. That pine is so similar to HazeC.


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That pine is so similar to HazeC.

My LN with the fatter buds has a lemon pine thing going on. Same can be said for the MK x Sk but they are both very different at the same time.

Interesting information.


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Lovely pics,even more attractive subject,nothing like a frost of illumination that cling,only the lightness of Sativa dom colitas can convey ,like a euphoric cat tail are the flavors and high?

Donald Mallard

Thanks for the interesting info Nevil! So M. Madness could be a haze descendent? Does anyone know if the history of M. Madness is known. Were haze genetics imported into Australia long ago and then M.Madness derived from that or are the genetics completely different from Haze but just expressing similar sativa traits? I am very intrigued by this plant.

If anyone has info or links I would very much appreciate it.

m madness isnt a haze descendant , just similar genetics in its makeup ...

l33t ,, amazing pics there , very crystally ladies and well presented , great pics ..