Just realized I never posted a grow


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It's a solid smoke and I have yet to get *bored* with it. It produces rock hard nugs which I like.
I have had the beans for a long long time and have been growing sativas almost exclusively and needed a change....yes thai and lumbo can get boring if thats all you smoke.
Sounds funny when I read that...but it is what it is.
They toss a little frost too...
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Im a fan of the sweettooth #3, and few of the blue strains, nice for the relaxed clearheaded chill vibe. Love the jolly rancher pheno, still have her in my garden. Does blockhead throw those super sweet phenotypes?

Nice looking grow by the way.


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Yea I grow more than random seeds I found in a field :)
Indoor, packed tight, blockhead and a single blue sattelite.
Yes, all F1's and none of that janky shite F92 from Gyp-Me....I mean, you know, that one guy that rips all name breeders off ?
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Wow, nice man!
Blue sat And Blockhead F1,s...nice!
Are these original Spice of Life seed?
Man, you've got gold if they are!!!!
Trying to source some Blockhead IBL,s....closest I can find
Beautiful plants man...Blockhead is a beast....Blue Sat is a special one to!!
Awesome man🙏✌


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Speaks volumes for freezing seeds instead of refrigerating, right ?
Last I spoke to Steve he was in Costa Rica....but who knows with that squirrel shit (I still luv yer Steveo).


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Time for a BDSM show and tell.
Yea I know, you guys will want to know the strain that this is...welp, sorry this time, there ain't one.
Picked the seeds up in south america, little place called barranquilla columbia.
I wanted to play with this girl and see how she responded to a firm hand and some cross words....and perhaps a whip and some handcuffs.
Frisky wench liked it :) I love a freaky sex slave :)


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Hi All

in 1987 I visited Santa Marta....walked up to see Tayrona National Park and remember getting some great weed then. That whole top part of Colombia was beautiful and Cartegena was a great place...
The plants look sturdy what do they smell like? All the best Sb


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Very grapefruit'ish smell when fresh and when cured for about 4-6 months they strangely smoke quite a bit like the thai I remember from about that time (same smell same taste).
They were seeds from a surf safari trip in about '77-78 and were a growers preferred strain and not anything commercial.
I really have zero idea of what they consist of and I do think they are about a 50/50 sat indi cross, but they will easily go huge and I've had 15 footers outdoors.
Back in those days it was pretty easy to get things across the borders, I would not want to try nowadays.
BTW, pretty good surf at the cartegena jetty and columbia point.
It was real easy to score santa marta gold in those days, it was everywhere.....but there were better smokes around like the lowland black which I preferred.
This smoke tho, I call it belt sander because after smoking you can't wipe the smile from your face with a belt sander :)


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Oh, btw.
Thai, about 18 weeks, very old stock, nicely purple if you look.
Yes she got tall enough I couldn't hang the light normal above her and had to *angle* it, lucky for 12 foot vaulted ceiling. She's about 9 foot here.