Jamies' N.H.S Specs

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Hey jamie, i think the site was down today, said something about a database error, so i think it might be a technical thing with the post. You did some great stuff there man, good work on these


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ok so here's hoping this post sees the light of day :D

tbh I can't really remember what was in the original post, I been smoking too much of this bloody NHS hehe :D but I know there was fotos...

So here's the fotos again ... the first 2 are of last weeks "dick pheno", one at chop time and one from today (dried). This particular plant has made me very happy indeed coming in at 72g dry as I've been having some duff numbers lately and hopefully this signals a return to form...

The second 2 pics are from yesterdays NHS visit, this one I'm calling "Haze pheno 1" as this is the first of the "true haze" phenos, she smells all fuel with a hint of lemon. I'm certain sure wont give out as much as her rather matronly sister, but I'm expecting great things nonetheless....she's in the drier as I type..

Well, still got "haze pheno 2" to go after this. She still looks on for 16 weeks as we're at 15 weeks as of tomorrow and looks like she'll easily go at least 1 more week... frankly though if she's not done by the end of week16, I'm locking her in the dark with no food or water til she IS! ;)



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Ok so we're not "quite" done with this thread yet... I did say a good while back that I'd take the last NHS at 16 weeks regardless of everything.... but then she started packing on weight again.... dang!..lol

So finally at 17 weeks and 1 day (120days flowering for those who care about such things) the final NHS girl has gotten the chop. I've lovingly named her the "beast" pheno... the fotos below will tell you better than I can... but here's a few words...

When I took her, she was about 5 foot 10 standing, but she has been snapped/supercropped FOUR times to keep her at this height. taking a peice of string and running it the length of the "trunk" (and it IS a trunk) she is about 3 inches taller than my tent (well over 6 and a half foot tall). Quite frankly, I've never seen anything like her indoors (in the flesh I mean) and whilst I'm a new grower... I'm not new to growrooms.. :)

Without a doubt, she's the biggest plant I've ever grown, maybe not in yeild, (we've yet to see, she's drying now) but certainly in terms of stature. In the end I had to hook her to the ceiling like something out of Hellraiser!

What I would also urge you to consider is that this plant has had a horrendous time of things. She was grown during the summer while temps and bug infestations were at their peak and while other plants around her managed absolutely pathetic results, she just powered along.

Initially I was very worried about this plant. When I flipped the NHS, all of them sprung into flower, but this one looked like a "regular" plant would at 3 weeks after SEVEN weeks of flower. I'm a 9 week kinda guy, things usually look to be finishing by then, this one was literally just starting... Anyway, as time went on, she started to develop nicely and by week 12 of flower I was sure I would be looking at something in the region of 15 weeks.... lol .. I wasnt even close really.

She smells good and is packed with crystals... I have "high hopes" :)

I'll add one or 2 more updates to this thread before closing it off for good and will add a full grow report and sme smoke reports... although High-Low already did me proud in that department over at IC :D (http://www.icmag.com/ic/showthread.php?t=144407) :)

ok so enough waffle and on to the pics...



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hi Jamie

Great job with the NHS man! seems you got very nice results with them

120 days huh? seems you are a patient man , now sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor! thanks for the report and harvest pics


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thanks Leet... these have been a pleasure to grow mate... although I think that might've been the longest 120days of my life ;)


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Congrats on finishing off the BEAST, lol. I don't think that you are officially a grower until you have named one of your own plants 'beast' :p Seriously, JShizzle, that takes some real deal will power. 17 weeks :eek:. Uhhh... but it looks like you got a couple of the BIG jars filled :D