Jamies' N.H.S Specs


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Hi All

Here's the specs for my forthcoming N.H.S test grow.

Seedling Stage

All seeds will be started (save 1) in my "High-Kea" veg box under 190 watts of blue CFL until theyre 6-10 inches tall (2-4 weeks).
Seedlings will be started in 0.6 liter pots in Coco and fed Canna Coco A+B (0.5ml week1) 1ml + Cannazym 1ml + Rhizotonic 1ml
pH 5.8, EC 1-1.25

Veg and Pre Flower Stage

Plants will then be moved to my DR100 to veg under 250 watts of red CFL until they're 18-24 inches tall (2-4 weeks) before being flipped in this room until sexed (2-3 weeks) when clones will be taken.
Seedlings will be transfered to their "final" pots which are 12 liters and fed Canna Coco A+B 1ml - 1.5ml .
pH 5.8, EC 1.25-1.50


All proven females will then be moved to my DR120 under 850 watts of sodium for the remainder of flowering (6-8 weeks).
Plants will be fed Canna Coco A+B 1ml-1.5ml plus H&G Bud XL 1ml from week 4 of flowering until week 7 being replaced by H&G Top Booster (pk13/14) for 3 days during week 6 of flowering.
pH 5.8, EC 1.25-2.00 (during PK boost)


(lets hope we get this far :D)
Flush will be 7-10 days with the pots then being left "dry" for the final 3-4 days. The flush will include a final flush before the "dry out" whereby the EC of the run off will be lowered until it matches the EC of the water going in - in my case 0.67...
pH 5.8, EC as little as possible ;)

everything above is subject to change as I find out more about how these plants like to grow. All comments, feedback and advice will be gratefully accepted
happy growing all
j :)

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how do J mate:D

trust you to be the one whearin the nsh specs:D

good luck mate


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thanks for the kind wishes both :D

You can be sure I'll be haunting both of your test threads like paddy swazye at a potters convention ;)

Big Buddy

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Hey jamie, if I'm ever gonna rob a bank, I know who to get to help me plan for it, lol. Can't wait to see what you do with these babies man, gonna be a damn fine show for sure.


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thanks man :)

you know what they say mate..

piss poor plannning = piss poor performance :D

(edit - if you think the above is bad, my fone is set up to tell me every move on my current 3 grows in rotation... as far as Sept 2nd :D)
(edit2 - I think what it is is... I have moments of clarity... and all actual "thinking" has to be done in big chunks as the rest of the time I don't have a clue whats going on :eek: )
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Beans arrived this morning, safe and sound

Righteous ;)

let the fun begin :D
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Good luck Jamie,nice start by the way, should be plenty of info here,infact you kinda set the bar high now so am expecting..liquor,dancin girls,whole shabbang now bro ;)


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hehehe thanks for looking in both...

not sure about liquor and dancin girls though mate... you might have to make do with a can of special brew and me in a tutu :D


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good luck with these jamie m8:)
hows them suckers germed or germing i bet.
good on you m8


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<peaking his eyes around the corner>

is it safe?

jamie take his tutu off?

someone say something if Im going to get blinded, please!!


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Hi All,

Thanks for looking in :)

Mine will commence this coming Friday (22nd) as per the lunar cycle, it's the best this week has to offer. Been slightly delayed (ideally I wanted to germ them this past Sunday) as my PP crop took a day longer to dry than I'd accounted, but it's all now jarred up and out of the way. :)

Now that the PP is done, I'm itching to get started :D


Hi jamie, best of luck with your beans and grow m8, really hope you find something special in there, gl jamie. :)