Jack Barron's NHM



Good start Jack. I hope you find what you're looking for. Let us know as soon as if you smell any skunk? :D

some more pictures of the five phenos I took yesterday at F+28

Pheno #1 has the best flower and resin production, it's also one of the most sturdy in veg and has a nice smell too, really promising
Pheno #2 seems more one the haze side with thin leaves but quite good flower production despite less odor.
Pheno #3 is really branchy but with small flower production and odor
Pheno #4 has a bit more flower production than #3 but also low odor
Pheno #5 produces also good flowers and resin and has a sweeter smell than #1 and looks more sativa, sounds interesting.




Very nice man. The most resinous are probably so because they are the quickest. I'll bet the Hazy phenos do just as good. :D
I finally harvested everything after 60 days of flowering as they already were fat with many brown pistils (except #2 which is the most hazy pheno I suppose). #1 and #3 were fully ripe. #5 was well ripe and #2 and #4 could have gone one or two more weeks. I couldn't take pictures but will post some when they will be dried.

I wonder why they were so fast, maybe it was the use of 11/13 light ratio during the first three weeks of flowering? Or just beacause cuttings didn't had a grow period and went direct into flowering ?


NL and Skunk shining through I think. Let us know how they do. ;)


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Did you judge ripeness only by brown color of hairs or also by color of trichomes? my skunks #1 looked ready three weeks before some trichomes turning amber if I would judge by hair color and look of the plant, anyway I think you will have some nice smoke from this interesting strain.:cool:
Hello kingkill, belphegoras and others¨!

Thanks for your interest and sorry for the lack of answers, I'm so busy since the last harvest that I couldn't check the MNS forum for one month, there are too many posts here ! :D

By the way I harvested when the plants were falling down due to their weight, hairs were fully brown for #1 and #3 and I think a bit more than 50% on the others. #1 and #3 were getting amber trichomes and #2,#4 and #5 were already milky enough I suppose.

I won't have time to make a good smoke report but I can say #1 and #5 are my favourites ! #3 was the less potent and I put the mother plant into flowering. #2 looks the most hazy but had really a bad production, so I gave it a next round. I still have the #4 waiting for a next round but I don't know if I will as she tastes almost the same as #5 with a less potent effect.
#1 and #5 are the best to me. #1 looks more on the skunk side and has a kind of diesel taste with a really nice effect a bit more physical than the #5 though.
#5 is just awesome with a great taste of ripen mangoes and a devastating cerebral effect !

The bad side is of course the production, I had 7-8 grams per plant growing in 3.6 liters light mix for the most producing plants (#1 is the first and #5 is second) while #2 scored less than 5 grams...

I will upload some dried buds when I will find more time, I already have to leave.

All the best

Holy shit, I still couldn't take pictures of the dried bud as I don't have enough time when I'm at the garden.

But I have another run going on with #1, #2 and #5 in a sea of green setup which is at more than 6 weeks now with already good looking buds. I noticed the first red hairs coming and feed them for the last time. I will start to flush them next week-end and I will take pictures around xmass to show you fully flowered buds.

I just smoked some #5 and it's really an awesome plant, if you don't mind the yield and are looking for an awesome taste with a great effect you should go for MNS NHM all the way !!! :cool:



Here are some pictures from the actual crop, they are more than 8 weeks but not finished yet even if they're falling down. I think the 11/13 light/night ratio made them a bit more early on last run.
So I think I will harvest next week after 9-10 week of flowering.


Everything was cut after a bit more than 10 weeks. The #1 was done, #2 too, but #5 could have go for another week I suppose.

#2 lacks of aromas and resin so I culled the mother. #1 didn't produced as much as on the last run but it's got seed because of an SSH male which was in the same box to sex.

#5 still is the winner with a nice resin and bud production, awesome mango/fruitty taste with this hazy buzz effect.

So I think I will only keep #5 and #1 if I have enough place.

I will run some SSH now but had many problems while cloning, so I will have to make a first selection on one clone from each plant on next run. I will start the flowering this week-end and will open a new thread in the SSH section soon !


They turned out really nice bro. Glad you found some more time! :D Really interested to see how you think they compare to the SSH you're going to run. Keep us in the loop!