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This is my first post on this forum even if I have read lots of threads until now, but I started a pack of Neville's Haze Mango last week and I thought it's the right moment for a first post.
It's also my first experience with MrNice, I got the seeds directly from shantibaba and also got a SSH pack for a next time :)

So there were 20 seeds in the packet, I dropped it into water for one day and have put it between wet papers in plates for two days and got a 100% germination rate, all the seeds cracked and showed their root !

I put it in earth today and can't wait to see how they will grow. I think I will put them into 12/12 after first leaves and get them back to 18/6 after showing their sexes

Cheers !

Grover Sativa

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aah good luck, JB.

I am running with these as well. Only got 4 females but that may be enough, you never know...

I've also got 7 males which may be useful for a hobby breeding project.

Great choice for a first MNS grow!

Good luck.


Thank you GS

after five days 19 on 20 are now growing.

I read on this forum I can put them into 12/12 and get the females back to 18/6 after showing their sexes to do mother plants ?
Don't they loose some qualities doing this ?
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Grover Sativa

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I don't see why they would lose quality but you could always veg the seed plants until you can take cuts and then stick then stick those cuts in 12/12, killing the males as they come (keep everything well labelled) it takes a little longer, though...

Alternatively, the seed plants will take a while to start flowering after you move them into 12/12. Put them in when you fancy and take cuts as they show their sex. You should have at least a weeks interval between pre-flower and full-on budding...take your cuts then and whip them back into veg ASAP, they will be fine.


Billy Liar

HI jb,
great method, I'm using the same method, like Groover says, take cuts from females when you see first pistil, or preflowers if you know what you are looking at.. mine were at around 5 weeks from seed and I have 10/15 cuts from some sexed plants.. next week I'll start flowering the cuts..
good luck

ps. I find males show first..;)

thx for your comment BL

sexing has been done and I finally got 5 females, 13 males, and there's one I don't know yet. A bit disappointed of getting so few ladies but I hope it will be worth the work ! I took cuts on the apex, repot the moms et get them back to 18/6. I will flower the cuts as soon as they have rooted, but I only could take one of each as side shoots were too small for good cuttings...

Bean Cracker

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That's a high m:f ratio but I'm sure you'll be happy with your end results. I'm pulling up my chair for the rest of the show.

Grover Sativa

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Hey JB - What's happening?

How are your NHM coming along? My earlier phenos are starting to finish (?) now...

How are you finding the differences between plants?

How big did yours get?

Did you prune or 'bend and tie'?

I found pruning to 4 strong leaders and getting rid of everything else worked well to control height.

Did your cuts take OK?


I was in holidays last weeks and couldn't start with it.

I had some high temperature problems during the last weeks and I thought I better have to wait for lower temperatures as I also have to harvest in 2 weeks some other plants which really suffered from these temperatures.
Then I will start with a box full of cuttings and will be able to select.

What I can say at the moment regarding the mother in 18/6 is that 2 of them are really vigorous, two are much more slow and one seems to be between the other.
So I started the flowering today !

I threw 19 cuts today in 11/13 light ratio. I have 5 mother which called with numbers 1,2,3,4 and five. So I have 4 cuts of NHM1, 4 of NHM2, 4 of NHM3, 3 of NHM4 and 4 of NHM5.

I gave them no feeding at the moment, I put them in small 1 litres pots yesterday and gave only water and trichodermas for roots.