is WACO missing in Strain Base?


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Hi All

we are now updating some descriptions and some photos we have received from growers on strains....we will possibly add some extra area on certain areas to accomodate some of the specials and limited edition released genetics....please add your comments here so i can review it....all the best Sb


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The ssh pic in the Neville haze strain description gets spoken about a bit, be good to see that removed, put it in the right spot or acknowledged so all have the correct info..


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Crickets? What a joke. Ignore it and it might go away.. if I close my eyes it’s not there any more.. Dude that grew that ssh talks about it and it’s still there looking lovely as a nevilles haze.. I’ll be a fan but don’t like being lied to, which is what’s happening. Bah bah


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Why you doing that to me? Every 15 minutes? Try a week later.. but yeah, I’ll stop refreshing.. not the only one that might need to chill though..
edit: Only just read the get real nobody’s lying comment.. what’s your definition of a lie and bullshit? And how is being giving the wrong information Not A lie or bullshit? Just curious on how your mind works. Mines fairly simple and straight forward.Bizarre
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Aloha @slabsofdank, @acrid and other WACO growers. There is now a listing for Widow AC/WACO under the Strain Base. Please post your WACO grows there. Looking forward to them and thank you Kristian for making this new heading.