Is it any good?


Ive also found Original F5 Nevils NL5 x Hz.

Also Nevils 88 G13 x Hash Plant.

I got 2 orders of each. They sent me 39 of the NL5 x Hz, and theyre really nice and dark, medium size. I ordered 2 packs of 10. They sent 39.

They also sent 19 freebies.

A strain called Blue Orca.

It is a 71 Kandahar Afghani x 76 Thai x Nevils NL5 x Hz.


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Coincidence...I got my order of Blue Orca Haze in the mail today. My order was for one pack of 15 seeds (I got 17) and my freebie was a 15-pack of Mazar-*I-*Shariff x Guerrero. The Blue Orca haze and the Nl5Hz are both somewhat misrepresented online with the reference to Neville's Haze in the lineage, it's actually Blue Orca (71 Kandahar Afghani x 76 Thai) x 1991 NL5Hz. Regarding their 1991 Nl5Hz, as I understand it, Cootz selected the best female and made F2s in 1991, then after 25 years of storage the F2s were grown out and some selection involving pollination of indica vs sativa leaning females was done to make F3s. I believe F4 was open pollination as was F5, which is where we are now. I'm not clear on this...doesn't open pollination at F4 & F5 reduce the chances of finding a good plant?

Anyway, I decided to get some Blue Orca Haze and I added a pack of Nl5Hz to my last MNS order, so I'm pretty sure I've got enough beans to find something nice, old school or otherwise. The lure of obscure BOEL genetics in combination with 1991 Nl5Hz was simply too much for me to resist!