https vs http forums

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I have noticed that depending on how you access the site determines whether you get the https:// or standard http:// site.
I prefer to use https:// so I always access the forums using this link:

That is the only link to access the https forums that I know.
If I click through any other links it brings me to the http version of the forums and my saved login isn't available.

For example if I click "Feel free to join our forums" it brings up the insecure version of the site

This is the insecure version of the site that it brings you to:

But clicking through the auction site brings up this:

This has been the case for a very long time. It doesn't affect me, I already know how to work around it and have been doing so for years.
I am just letting it be known in case someone wants to make the site more consistent.
Thanks for listening ;)


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Helpful tip of the year!! I noticed this same thing. Thanks for offering this excellent work around!