How to adjust standard feeding schedule to longer flowering sativa.

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Hi there,

I have a newbie question for experienced growers of the forum....

Nutrition seems to be an important factor of success or failure for sativa growing.

From my very limited experience with them I have
noticed 2 things: they don't like high level of nutrient especially N.... But they also need N for longer in the flowering stage to avoid too early yellowing....

Most of the nutrient manufacturers schedule are designed for 9 weekers classic indi dom hybrids, and will work poorly if used on 11 to 15 weeks flowering sativa.

Here the ghe flora serie schedule for hydro as example.

How would you adapt it to let say..... A 12-13 weeker SSH for instance? For the main nutrients part forget additives.

You can guess than my next grow will be mostly sativa (the Stones)... And I still wonder if I go organic or coco with them.... So it may be useless for my next grow but I'm sure it will be valuables inputs.


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im growing with flora Nova so it aint the same. I do give them a lower EC compared to a more indica type. So for instance LaNina gets EC 1,1 and Nordle gets EC1.6 thats is in basics offcourse the plants will tell you more or less.

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The choice is yours...

In order to keep it simple you could use the classic long proven GH formula:

FG >>> 3
FM >>> 2
FB >>> 1

FG >>> 1
FM >>> 2
FB >>> 3

And adjust the EC accordingly.

Or you may extend the feeding chart you proposed by per exemple doubling up the last three weeks for a 12 weeks variety.


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Pakman drew my attention to the fact that in the schedule posted by Tom and that I had not carefully looked at, no FG was used in the last three weeks which made my second proposition a bit exagerated...

In fact I think it would seem preferable to use the following one from the formerly European GH (today Terra Aquatica) doubling up S8 + S9 & tripling S10:


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I’m using heads Lucas formula for coco which is 6ml of micro 9ml of bloom per gallon of water.
I use 3/5 to 3/4 strength with hazes until ripening then drop as low as possible especially micro.I use cal mag 2-3ml per gallon every feeding in RO with Lucas mixed in afterwards.
There’s a long thread on one of the 420 forums about heads Lucas for coco and many use it.
Thread is about 500 pages but head summarizes it all up in the first few pages.
If your growing in coco I’d suggest Lucas,floranova or maxi bloom as a base.
You can add supplements as needed.


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First, throw away those charts. I have never seen one close to correct.
My general rule of thumb is ZERO nutes during veg and first 4 weeks of flower if in soil.
Back down at least 50% from indica nutes if in hydro.
Strangely add nitrogen to flowering nutes. after 5-6 weeks of bloom. Amounts of nitrogen vary so sneak up on it, the plants will tell you when it's enough.
Watch your plants,know your plants.
Nothing beats interaction
Awesome freaking tip somewhere...

Lets see when i was using GH in coco i used the recipe... weaker lights so adjusted to 4micro/6bloom and only 1/4tsp for sativas ...

Based on 63 day 12/12 Flower Cycle:

Day 1-14
6ml micro
9ml bloom

Day 15-21
6ml micro
9ml bloom
1 tsp./Gal. Kool-Bloom POWDER (ONE FEED,DAY 15!)

Day 22-28
6ml micro
9ml Bloom

Day 29-35
9ml Bloom
1 tsp./gal. Kool-Bloom POWDER (ONE FEED,DAY 29!)

Day 36-52
9 ml Bloom
(AND ON DAY 36,a 1 tsp./gal Kool-Bloom POWDER Slam!!)

Day 52-63 (Flush)
5.5-6.0 pH h20 at 50 ppm

Adjusting to 12 weeks it would look a little like this
(7÷63) x84=9
(7÷63) x84=9
(7÷63) x84=9
=69days of feed and 15days of flushing. Now i personally would feed half strength nutrients day after every boost day for sativas, n only boost 1/4 of a tsp kb dry.
So 19+10+10+10+23 and 12 days of flush... for 84days total

Goodluck my brother... not some of my best looking but definitely some of my best smoking came from the the beginning
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My selected and recently lossed :cry: SSH took 11 weeks on a 10.45/ light schedule... i dont even wanna know what it wouldve took on 12/12... SSH is an awesome plant if u take the time to dive in for propper selection. N pretty good if u dont.