How did you germ your NHS?


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Hi there, I was just wondering what everyone's method is that has had success with NHS germination? I popped 12 beans along with 10 other strains all at the same time and using the same process of just floating them on glasses of water.. 8 of those 12 cracked open after 4-5 days (the slowest of all the others) and of those 8 that cracked it looks like only 5 of those came out of the soil.. Of the other strains seeds or so I think I may have had 5 seeds that didn't crack out of 90 or so, so I'm assuming my method was sound at least..
I popped a fresh pack of CM that came with my NHS and got 100% there and all came out of the ground and my EH's that were also in the same pack did great.. As well as some 5-6 year old SSH beans.. Anyway, I want to pop the rest of my pack and wanted to see how everyone else was doing it since it so I may get a bit better luck and I've never even tried another method in 10 years other than just popping them directly in the ground..

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Hi BB I use this method:
I wet napkin and put it to ceramic dish. After that I set seeds there and put it to plastic bag. This dish I put on digital satelit reciever (every reciever product heat and it is good for germination). I use 15 seeds from 20 and all 15 seeds sprout out after 1 day so I had 100% germination. Good luck.
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soaked mine for 24 hours, they all sank, I planted them straight to medium (coco) in a kind of daring attempt to find out if all the tissues, peat pots etc were really necessary... I got 10 for 10, all very healthy plants, no runts :)


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Thanks for the replies.. I think I'll give your way a shot Cosa since Jamie's was more along the lines of what I already did.. I'll report back and if all of em pop then I'll know that particular strain just didn't like floating on the top of a glass of water :)


just fyi or anybody else thats wants 100% germ rate i slice the seam of the shell with a steril razor and put it in the wet paper towel.all crack with in 8-to 32 hours.i wait into the tap root is a good size and then i place only the tap root into the medium of choice.i then put some saran wrap around the top of dixie cup and place in a dark area,the next day 100% of the seeds are sticking out of the medium.i then pull saran wrap off and put under t5.this way is fullproof and i havent ran into a problem yet.

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Soak Then Plant After 48-72 Hours

I Use A Technique Like Jamie Mentioned , Except Mine Go Into ( Under ) Soil
I Just Spent This Afternoon Preparing 6 NHS For Germination .
Using Aged , Or dechlorinated Water , I Place The Seeds In A Glass ( The Shotglass Method ).
After 12 Hours In A Dark , Warm Place I Tap Each Seed So It Falls To The Bottom Of The Glass, Where It Gets Heat From The Heatsource ( My Sky T.V Box , Or Freeview Box Gives Off Enough )
Two, Three Days Max And I'll Plant Them In A Heated Propagator ( Don't Want To Drown The Seed , And Have Confidence That The Strong-Viable Genetics Will See Them Popping Through The Surface In No Time )
These Ones Will , After Being Soaked And Planted Grow In The Window During The Day
Taking Advantage Of The Ever Increasing Daylight Hours
2010 Has Begun
By Years End I Want To Replace Using The Governments N.H.S And Instead Adopt Shanti's N.H.S :D
This Would Finally End My Relationships With Dealers ( My Sole Remaining Dealer Is My Doctor :rolleyes: )



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I split the seed seam like sour power except I use needle noise pliers VERY genitally and do the shot glass soak . I find cracking the seed really helps for stubborn beans .
I had a really poor germ rate 5 out of 20 on a particular strain , did the crack trick and got 100% on the same batch .

Works for me !


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I've got a pack of NHS I plan on germing a few seeds from soon.

I'll use the same method I always use for near 100% success...

Wrap seeds in slightly damp paper towel.
Put folded paper towel into small bowl and cover with a tight lid or plastic wrap.
Put in a warm dark place and keep the temp around 78F(25C). I put mine on the shelf above the veg cabinet that has fluoros running 24/7. When it's cold I also use a ceramic heater bulb on a reptile thermostat.
If it's at the right temperature there will be condensation on the inside of the bowl.
Seeds all sprout within 24-48 hours.

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Five Out Of Six - Above Average

I Have Now Transplanted Five Of The Germinated Seeds From The Soil Filled Heated Propagator Into Square 11 Liter Wilma Buckets
Anyone Considering A Wilma System Has The Right To Purchase The Atami Specced System And Not A Slapped Together Cheapie Like gw Do
Also Nice Rubberised , Non Crackable Atami Buckets Have Their Name Stamped In Them;); If You Have The Cheap Plastic Ones , Ask For Free Replacements
I Cannot Rule Out The Sixth Seed Germinating In The Next Few Days , As Germinating These Seeds Was Not Your Normal 24-48 Hour Strike Rate Of Previous Mr Nice Strains .
The First Three broke Through The Soil On Day Three. The Two Others 24-36 Hours Later.
Although I Always Use The Same Technique On Whatever Seed I Germinate , By First Soaking In A Shotglass Til Cracked , And Then Submerged In The Same Soil Used For The Grow . Keeping The Soil Crust Moist Allows For The Sprouted Seedling To Break Through The Ground And Shed It'd Seed Husk.
This Method If Used With Poor Inferior Genetics Or Seeds Without That " Hybrid Vigour " Will Only Allow For The Healthiest of Plants To Make It To The Plantlet Stage.
I Know The Paper Towel Technique is A Tried And Trusted Method And One I Used To Practice.
However , A Few Years Back I Lost A Bunch Of Beans After Letting The Paper Towel Dry Out:(
Shortly Afterwards , I Made The Same Mistake Again !!
So I Went Back To The Shotglass - Submerge - Seperate Technique . The Roots Don't Get The Chance To Be Handled By Salty Or Infected Fingers.
The Strongest Three N.H.S Will Be Marked For Reference , As Will The Longer Germinated Seed.
Some Seeds Are Tougher Than Others , And I Think This May Be A Contributing Factor To The Slow Germination Time. The Seeds Are Small , So Scraping The Raised Ridge is Nigh On Impossible ( I Used To Have To Scrape Almost All T.R.C Seeds , But They Were Big Seeds )
All N.H.S Are Now Getting Filtered Light Growing Under The Now Bent ( Octopus Style ) Screen I Have Made From Three Very Patient Early Haze .
With Comments About The Phototropic Properties Of This Strain, I Don't Intend On Stressing It At All
Maybe Just A Little Bend Now And Again:rolleyes:


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I take the beans and feed them to my pet Pigeon named Homer. He eats the seeds and then I lock him in the grow room on the grow bed.

Then he poops. Then I have plants.

Homer gets the rest of the day off.